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QLD Major rain event south east QLD

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Mattyo, May 5, 2015.

  1. After around 300mm of rain in 36 hours over the weekend It was interesting to see the change of conditions on local roads. Today I rode the Tomewin Mountain Rd after work. I did this same ride last week where it was clear, dry and conditions suitable to confidently lay into the corners. Today was different, there was so much loose gravel on the the road washed down by the big rain, often right at the critical point of the corner. I suspect this is the same across many roads in the affected weather zone including new pot holes etc. take care out there, familiar roads maybe not so familiar this week.

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  2. good post
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  3. The driveways wash out from the same properties every time there's a half decent storm. The pricks could get out a broom and then do something about their driveway but never do.
    I imagine there's a heap of sticks up there this time too.
  4. Hey Mattyo, it's usually the fifth corner after you go over the top of Tomewin heading south thats notorious for gravel. Just shows you can never be complacent when your out there especially on roads you know
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  5. These 'pricks' probably have a lot more important maintenance issues after a storm than a bit of gravel off the driveway.

    Nothing to stop you going up with a broom and making safe the places you and others like to ride.
    I think nothing of coming back with a foot well full of rubbish when I go 4x4ing, or clearing a tree if its across a track.

    Get some mates together and get stuck in, it's only going to make things safer for everyone.(y)
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  6. This happens after a regular storm, not a tropical cyclone. I don't believe they are flat out tarping the roof after every storm or 50mm of rain.

    Sweeping the road is as effective as putting a cup under a dripping tap. The problem is their driveways and poorly designed drainage.

    I look after the area around my place (grass, gravel, retreads and the like).