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major problem???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. hey everyone, i have a small problem which i cant figure out so i thought i should post it up here...everything started with my left headlight not working, so i got it out and checked it, it looked fine so i plugged it back in, turned ignition on but nothing happened...at first i thought i didnt put my key in far enough...so now my problem is that my whole bike has no juice left, even the neutral light doesnt work...(whole bike doesnt light up) i tried to explain as good as i could, what could be the problem, im sure it cant be the battery or the fuse, i checked the fuse and the battery is very new and my dad rode my bike today without any probs... could it be something to do with the ignition?? any thoughts on this would be very appreciated... thanks, stef

  2. Honda + electrics not working properly, rectifier?
  3. What else was unplugged?

    You'll soon be known as: ihatemynsr150sp :LOL:
  4. I have a similar problem.

    Turned the bike on, pushed the starter button and immediately lost all electrics (also heard a 'click' noise when I pressed the starter button).

    With the click noise I thought a fuse had gone. Checked the 10As and the 30A under the seat...all good, but tried replacing them anyway. No joy.

    The battery was cranking fine beforehand but as it was proving hard to start I was cranking it more than normal (but not for overly long at any one time, probably contributed to the problem though) but I'm sure the battery had enough juice in it to light the instrument panel.

    Any ideas?
  5. thanx for your replies, sounds like i am nopt the onli one with a prob like that :) i unplugged nothing esle, just the cable to the globe...
  6. oh and regarding your thoughts vic, how can i check if my rectifier-regulator is still woprking? thanks, stef
  7. fusable link
  8. ok thanks, now my user manuel is not very datailed and so i thought i wouzld ask where is the rectifier located on a bike; commonly? thanks, stef
  9. try replacing the main fuse. it will be somewhere seperate from the fuse box.... good luck in your search
  10. thanx for that... ok i have just located the rectifier on my bike, the cables look good, i am not so experienced yet, could someone explain to me how you can check if your rectifier is still working...thanks, stef
  11. Do you have a multi meter or a test light. If not go get them then start working back from the battery until you find something that is unplugged or an earth cable disconnected.
    A test light is a good way to start.
  12. hey, just had another look at the battery, shows 11.8V with engine off...sound right for a 12V battery? thanks, stef :)
  13. Battry should be showing higher then 12v. I know from what i have seen with bikes, is that anything below 12.6 will result in a bugger of a bike to start.

    Find out what volatge it is when running, not sure for the nsr, but it should be well above 14v. If it isnt, ur battery or rectifier is gone.
  14. thanks for all your help guys, just found the problem which was a broken lead off the keyswitch...the previous owner probably tried to fix and made a mess of it :? thanks again, stef :)