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Major problem with my forks

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by buzzawak, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. The bike is a Yamaha FZR400 with 38mm forks

    Striped down my fork today because I am getting the tubes hard chromed because the pitting is beyond the sandpaper treatment.
    The left fork leaks and the the forks dive badly. I think I have found out why.

    The picture is of the bottom end of the fork tube. You will notice the nylon ring is broken. I can't see anyway of repairing or replacing this ring. (I think I am rooted)

    I have a basic understanding on how the dampening of the suspension works but. I am having troubles getting my head around which valve does what. Most explanations show the basic function of the valve (holes) on the damper rod.

    Does the valve in the fork tube operated on the upward stroke and the damper rod on the down ward stroke?

    Would a cartridge emulator provide a solution or does the cartridge emulator still require the damper holes in the fork tube to be operational?

    I am open to any idea to repairing to fault?

  2. Come on guys,
    Not one suspension expert in the crowd ?
  3. Hey, you post late on sunday night and want an answer before breakfast
    on monday? C'mon, get real. You don't even get those working hours or
    speed of service when you PAY for it, let alone for free.

    (edit) oh all right, if you pull the rubber seal out you'll see the circlip
    which holds all that stuff in there. Remove, replace, reinstall.
  4. Without knowing your fork design I can't really answer the firs two questions.

    I'm betting there is a bush in there that has to be pulled to get that seal out.

    That is what you can see in the annulus of the hole.

    It might be work replacing the bush as well.
  5. Your right Hotcam, A bit to early to be replying to this request.

    Think the other end of the fork tube. Down were the rebound holes are.

  6. Oh at the BOTTOM end. Hard to tell from the pic. Dunno then.