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Major mile(kilometre??)stone

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hornet, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. This morning on the way to see Micky, just outside the Garrawarra Old People's Home (how appropriate :roll:) the mighty Hornet turned over 100,000 kms.

    Does anyone know what sort of things I should get checked at my next service??

  2. Check that the Hornet is wearing an onion on its belt.
  3. Thank you, Grandpa :LOL:.
  4. As it was the style at the time
  5. Valve clearances, cam chain.

    Don't worry, it's a honda, it has at least another 100,000km left in it.

    like this one:

  6. Also Hornet, you should set your toaster to 3, medium-brown.

    Does Honda have mileage awards like BMW? You could be due for a nice shiny sticker :p
  7. I am betting cam chain is due for renewal soonish in your bike's life Paul, best start planning around this eventuality.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Thanks for the input, folks, it's uncharted territory for me as I've never had a bike with this sort of mileage before. I shall pass the information on to my mechanic toot sweet :).

    For the record, I bought the bike in March '05 with 54,900 kms on it, so I've done 45,000 kms in 28 months. BUT, the bike has been off the road in three separate spells, once for two months, once for three weeks and once for three months, so actual riding time is around 23 months, or less than two years. Several trips to Melbourne, and some long trips to Tamworth have certainly helped.

    And in that time it has cost me $4251 in tyres, parts, accessories and servicing (haven't tracked the fuel costs).
  9. Thats $1 every 10k's (approx) Food for thought........
  10. hmm, I hadn't looked at it like that. Anyone with comparable figures?
  11. Yeah. I dont know if its good or not but you have done enough k's to get an idea. Could be interesting if someone else can compare similar k's/time. I suspect its great value if you factor in the fun you've had :LOL:
  12. Exactly, you gave the bike the best time it's had in it's life.

    Bringing it to mexico, of course. :p.

    And so what happened to "not riding anymore?" :LOL:
  13. err, well, you see, I can explain, err

    well, whaddya think???? :LOL:
  14. Even if cars were 1/1000th of the price to use, I'd still pick the bike when on the road (unless needing a car to tow something or carry stuff that can't fit on a bike "easily")
  15. and dont forget to tell everyone about your nickel grandpa......

    hornet id say just stick to your current service intervals dont fix whats not broken but iv never seen a motorcycle manual go to 100,000kms in its periodic servicing chart...

    also does that mean the odometer is starting from zero again?