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Major Maintenance Checklist 1999 CBR600 FX

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by mattizie, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I haven't really been up to date with maintenance on my bike for a while now (with the exception of oil and coolant changes). Finally getting around to doing it and want to confirm "what is needed to be done".

    Bike has 40,000km on the odo, been raced by previous owner. Maintenance history before 30,000km effectively unknown.

    My wife and I are expecting our first baby at the beginning of next year, so I want to do EVERYTHING I can do to cover at least two years of riding - what is perhaps the last bike I'll have for a long time - with minimal care.

    I've started a thorough list of things to check/buy/fix. Please point out if you find anything missing, or excessive:

    Apologies for shitty formatting, it looked OK in vim. Numbers are approx. cost.


    B = Buy; C = Check; O = Optional; A = Acquire (from mates or mum's house); ? = Needs research / help

    B 200 Front and Rear steel braided lines (over fender)
    B 50 Brake Fluid
    C 100 Brake Pads
    O 10 Syringe (reverse bleed)
    B 5 Hose for bleed nipple​

    Drive Chain:
    B Chain itself #525?
    B Angle grinder (remove chain)
    B Chain breaker
    B Front Sprocket
    B Rear Sprocket
    A Chain lube spray​

    A Carb spray
    A Sync tools
    Fuel mixture
    O Tools to check fuel mixtures (needs more research) ? ​

    B Spark Plugs
    C Valve clearance
    B Shims
    O Enquire about anything else that needs to be checked​

    Suspension: (Needs more research)

    C Head bearings?​

    B Locktite
    B Torque wrench
    B Angle grinder (for chain)
    A Chain lube spray
    A Carb cleaner​


    I'm also seeking clarification on things such as internal wheel bearings and what not. Are they a kind of "if it aint broke, don't fix it" item?

    For the drive chain, is it worth replacing both sprockets (~$100), or just leaving them if they show no obvious signs of hooking? I'd rather not have premature wear on the chain from shitty sprockets.

    Finally, any great places for parts would be useful. Been shopping online for most things, wish the Aussie dollar was stronger.


  2. Hi Matt

    Just a couple of thoughts for you.

    If you buy an angle grinder then you won't need a chain breaker. Just hold the chain (carefully) in a vice and use a hammer and punch.

    You can always make your own manometer from old bottles to sync your carbs. Just google and you'll find plenty of videos and instructions. You also get to drink the contents of the bottles you use.

    Paul Jarvinen
  3. Hi Paul, thanks for that info.

    Unfortunately I don't have a vice, so hammer and punch is probably a no-go. At the moment the chain is stuck on the bike because it goes through the swingarm (which the stands are holding up). Angle grinder will be to grind the pin ends so I don't break my chain breaker (although I could just take the grinder to the chain).

    I've done carb sync before. All the plumbing is at my grandparents place. I found though that (for 4 carbs at once) bottles were just annoying. Between making sure there are no leaks between lid and hose, and getting stoppers, simple tubes are just better (imo). My setup is similar to this:(http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/uploads/1130271614/gallery_4208_389_24028.jpg).
    Only I make it a lot longer (1.5m) for extra safety to avoid sucking up liquid into the engine.