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Major Ma spreads her wings.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Major Ma, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    Ulysses member for almost 20 years, rode many bikes in my time, now on a Trike, [back seat rider]


  2. Welcome to the front seat on Netrider :).
  3. Welcome to NR! :grin:
  4. Where to fly

    Now all I have to do is spend a bit of time finding out how to navigate the site and I'll be right.
  5. Hi and welcome =0)
  6. Re: Where to fly

    It's much the same as the Ulysses one :wink:

    And of course welcome
  7. Re: Where to fly

    Hello Toe, So this is where you hang out when you're not on the Ulysses site??

    I hope to get some more insite into various topics by joining here.
  8. Welcome and enjoy. There are a few Ulysses members that post from time to time on here, so you will not be alone.

  9. Re: Where to fly

    Yep, one of a few :p

    Well the topics are different here, with a bit more bike talk :cool:
  10. Re: Where to fly

    What is it like for friendship, general topics etc.?
  11. Picked the name straight away. Welcome. See you around both (No I dont paint hte grey in :cry: it comee in natural :wink:
  12. Re: Where to fly

    Met some great guys and gals via the Sydney group and rode for a couple of days with some of the Melb crowd on their way to Brissy

    Pretty active Brissy group, generally much younger than Ulysses - I'm an old bugger here :p

    Topics - rare to discuss politics (more bike related), although a few on about the election at the moment. Some good touring diaries, mainly sports bikes riders but a good mix and we all share a common love.

    Have you're look around but it's all good fun
  13. Dam.. & I thought Rev Hornet was old [​IMG]


    [​IMG]anyway Major GranMa [​IMG]
  14. Thanks Toe, Very helpful, I'm off into the trike and camping section if I can find one.
    See you in Townsville no doubt.

    Hey MG What's this about being a Major Grandma? You must have been peeking..... :eek:
  15. :oops: :oops: Major Ma

    OK! You got me. :grin:
  16. Re: Where to fly

    you have come to the right place...

    if you don't mind trawling through several pages of dribble

    welcome and enjoy
  17. ooh, lemme bid you welcome too! (I need to rack up mys posts to get rid of the Noob status!)

    Meanwhile I'm googling Ulysses to find out more ...
  18. Welcome to NR.. :grin: