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Major engine failure

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RussellDP, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. I was out on a ride to a rehearsal in a town about 30ks from home, was about 5 k from where i was going and the bike lost power in a big way, and now I am sitting here waiting for a mate to come and pick me up from home so I can go collect the bike and tear it apart to find out what's gone wrong.

    Bloody annoyed is an understatement.
  2. These things happen, at least its a sunny day not 2am on the M1 when a over a $5 throttle cable snapped.

    What sort of symptoms does it have? Might be cheaper to swap in a new engine if its your 250 and it requires anything more then taking the head off or swapping in some new valves.
  3. Justus, dropping in like a wrecking ball!
  4. Hyohung a leg outta bed! :eek:
  5. Thanks guys. Feeling fairly ordinary as it is, but please keep flogging the Hyosungs are a piece of junk line.

    Its really entertaining.

    Anyone ever stop and think "hey, maybe thats all he could afford at the time"?
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  6. well now you mention it

  7. Hope you're back on two wheels soon, any kind will do. Just think, it could have been worse - you could have bought a scooter!
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  8. I am assuming it was a sudden stop with no smoke or bad noises it will most likely be electrical. One issue that did seem common to Hyos was poor connectors. The comet otherwise was a reasonably reliable. Side stand sensor is a common fault, this would cause the engine to die because it thinks the sidestand is down. When you get it home get the multimeter out and start some diagnostics.
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  9. Sadly no, was a lot of banging and clunking, and have since removed the clutch and stator covers to find lots of metal through the.oil and littering the bottom of the crankcase
  10. Ahh, Bad Luck mate. They did have occasional failures of the roller bearing on the Big ends I know. Another possibility is Cam chain break causing the valve to come in contact with the piston. Maybe a changeover engine is the go. Anyway sleep on it and work out what you are going to do over the next few days.
  11. Thanks mate. Pretty sure its bottom end, cam chains look ok, but will lift off the rocker covers and check it out.
  12. Looks like a early 250, they were renowned for shitting bottom ends.

    Somewhere there's a part number for the rebuild kit they did it so often.
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  13. So I pulled a few extra bits off tonight. The photo attached shows some of the larger chunks that were floating around.

    It appears that I broke a piston. Chasing a second hand engine now.

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  14. only transport?
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  15. Thanks guys. I have a car, hadnt driven since i got the bike, and looks like i have found an engine reasonably priced. Gotta check ot if there is any warranty on the engine (at least if its stuffed) and go from there
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  16. good your ok
    hate to be stuck out in the sticks with no transport
  17. Thanks mate. Appreciate it
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  18. Good to hear. Checked bike sales in Vic max of $1500 and there are 2 GT250R in here - both unreg but the one appears fine, other has busted fairings. May be of use if you need a backup "transplant" bike. Probably could neg those prices a fair bit as I'd think the demand would not be high.
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