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Major Electrical Drama '98 GSXR 750

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 610, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Need Desperate Help!!!!!!!!!
    Some off this may be related, some may not be. But will include all detail anyway.

    About 3 months ago low beam stopped working. Having checked bulb so maybe just blown. So have been riding around with the bike on high beam.

    About a week ago went for a ride, while riding, complete loss of power for about half a second. Then a couple of backfires then back to full power. This has happened three times in the last four rides.

    Moved house, put it on the back of the ute and left the lights on for a while. Tried to start it and just clicking. so battery flat.

    Pushed started it. running very jerky, keeps cutting in and out of power. the tacho and speedo arent working and the fuel light keeps flashing.

    As i am writing this, im thinking that if the battery is part of the main relay loop when it is running (i.e. the alternator doesnt provide all the power) then maybe by always being on high beam I have warn the battery out or something.

    Anyway, thats all i can think off. If any one has any suggestions.
    PLEASE let me know. :grin:
  2. It could be as simple as a stuffed battery, you can do some simple tests with a multimeter to check this. It could also be a faulty reg/rect, or stator. Does it get ridden often? If the state of the battery has been 'compromised' by rarely riding the bike, running the high beams certainly won't be helping the poor battery. Won't be helping other road users either....

    Is it a fuel injected model? If so the intermittant voltage (if it is indeed that) will be affecting your fuel pump, causing the engine to cut out.

    It certainly sounds as though the charging circuit is playing up somewhere from the telltale signs of the guages swinging. Grab a multimeter and follow this simple fault finding chart to do all the relevant checks:


    Edit: Check the battery connections also, and earths to the frame, engine, etc.
  3. well I finally got off my fat arse and started looking around,.
    Took the seat off, and there was a fork on top of the battery :shock:

    with a bunch of burn marks on it. So took that off, charged the battery up and im guessing thats fine.

    i spent longer looking for wiring diagrams on the internet than i did actually "fixing" the problem.

    and yeah i know what you mean about the high beams. they are a bit bright, so I chucked a layer of tint over it until i can be bothered replacing the globe. Plus it looks mean now.
  4. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    That is forked!