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Major changes to Rego in NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Zim, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. I just read on another forum at after 1st July there is to be a change to the CTP engine catagorys in NSW,the old catgory was 100cc to 300cc,its going to become 100cc to 225cc,and then 226cc to 725cc,
    that means it will cost the same to rego a 250 as a 750.
    This crap is getting out of hand fast,looks to me like taxing people off the road.

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  3. Re: Major changes to Rego

    Would you like to come to qld instead? where a 125 costs the same as a 1400?

    Thats how it was when I registered mine.. CTP being calculated on whether or not you (can) carry a passenger
    All manual geared bikes with 2 seats - ~ $450/year
    " " 1 seat - ~ $260/year
    And it cost me a 2nd hand ducktail on eBay, removing my pillion pegs and drilling out the holes, tearing up the upholstery on the rear half of my seat and $80 to convert it to a single seater.

    If you're able to edit the title, you should add [NSW] as a prefix.. to comply with forum rules before smee magically appears to close it ;)
  4. Re: Major changes to Rego

    oh joy
  5. Re: Major changes to Rego

    This is fantastic news if you actually look closely at the changes.

    All motorcycles in the capacity range of 300cc-725cc will be $150/annum cheaper to register. That is substantial. Down from $500+, to as low as $340.

    All motorcycles over 726cc will be no more expensive, not even a dollar.

    Motorcycles in the range of 100-225cc will be approx $10 cheaper per annum.

    The only losers in this are 250cc motorcycle riders, whose premiums increase from ~$170 to $340/annum.

    There is no disincentive for learner riders not to choose larger LAMs bikes now.
  6. Re: Major changes to Rego

    So suddenly my 250 dirtbike double its rego cost,and every other poor buggar with a 250 who made the decision to buy a 250 for cheap rego,a prime learner bike size.I will have to write and thank them for changing a system thats been around for 30 years,
    for sure there thinking to help riders
  7. Re: Major changes to Rego

    Ah faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark
    My greenslip just went from $180 to atleast $340
    So who do I send my abuse err... letter of objection to?
    *starts searching RTA site*

    One good thing about this... no reason not to bore the GT out to 300cc now...
  8. Re: Major changes to Rego

    i;m in the 600 class, so if the above is true, then happy days for me
  9. Re: Major changes to Rego

    this is ****ed even through i own a 400cc dirtbike, so many mates bought new Wr250 just to save that $200 yearly. And this is going to bite them hard... 80% of the trail rider are 250cc mostly alll with rego. now its a double win situation for the gov.
    1. increase the costs for the most popular capacity bikes.
    2. fine $2000 a pop every dirtbike rider - which there be an increase of unregistered bikes as really **** paying $600 to ride in the bush.
    Should of seen this coming - hence such an increase in pig training on dirtbikes !!
  10. Re: Major changes to Rego

    Thats a choice you have pat. Riding unreg, isn't a viable form of protest though.
  11. Re: Major changes to Rego

    If you can't afford $300 for rego, then how will you afford a new jacket or helmet when ya need to upgrade?

    Just bite the bullet, people should understand there will always be price-rises, and if they don't have $300 to spare, then they shouldn't be riding without comprehensive insurance, or riding full stop - cause if you have to replace a blinker on the bike, or need to get it serviced - how will you afford it?
  12. Re: Major changes to Rego

    self-righteous much?
  13. Re: Major changes to Rego

    Mate, I'm not self-righteous. I'm just saying, yeah it sucks that some prices have gone up, but if they can't afford $300 then how will they pay for minor repairs or servicing or gear if they need it?

    Feck man, I'm not rich, but I ensure I have enough money if things DO go wrong.
  14. Re: Major changes to Rego

    There's a difference between things you might want to buy, and things the government makes you buy.
  15. Re: Major changes to Rego

    I know there is - but as I said, prices do go up. I'm not saying what they've done is a wonderful idea or anything of the likes, I'm just saying that if people literally cannot actually pay $300 or whatever for their rego extra, then how will they pay for other bike essentials?
  16. Next time PLEASE name the STATE in the thread topic.
  17. I'd say they make do with what they have and make it go as far as possible. sorry if I seemed over-attacking but after a few posts where you suggest that if you don't ride everywhere all the time you're not a real rider or if you don't like riding in straight lines for hours on end you're not a real rider and now if you struggle to afford to own a bike you shouldn't be riding. What next? If you are not one of my facebook friends you're not a rider? I think you can see where I came to my conclusion.
  18. Mostly a good thing as I see it. People should be encouraged to buy middleweight bikes. Although the lower break point should have been a bit higher than 225cc.
  19. I see where you're coming from, but most of my posts are just digging jokes. :)

    Lighten up, Lills.

    If they've got the majority of costs down, then good on them. Just looks like a lot of 250's will soon be on the market and the GS500's etc will be flying out the dealership doors.
  20. hey lilley,

    Lowercase is very much having some fun with what you've mentioned....
    But is is true, if you don't have mula to buy a bike, you ain't riding and items such as rego, safety gear, etc and a few dollars in a kitty for unexpected things should be in everyone's budget.
    I've love it to all be cheap as chips but it's just a fact of life.

    And by the way, may of us here are not her facebook friends but I'm sure she still loves us.......:oops: