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Maintenance on chains and sprockets

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Wet crutch, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm really new to all this stuff that happens under the seat. I'm looking for some sagely advice. Remember CB250 when reading on.

    My Chain is hanging low. It has been on the bike for 6000km and I have tightened it three times. To tighten it again I may need to extend the swing arms so I guess I need a new chain. When do I replace the sprockets? There is no obvious sign of wear on the back sprocket. The last time I tighten the chain there was no “wiggle” on the back sprocket when I tried to pull the chain away toward the back of the bike. Am I looking at the correct indicators? Is this a typical

    My chain is a mess. I used to spray some lubricant on the chain every 1000 km. The chain picked up some really nasty road gunk and is pretty black and chunky on the outsides. I commute to work a massive 13km each way. Should I expect my chain to last longer or is this about right? What should I do with a new chain to extend the life?

    What can happen if I leave the chain hanging too long without proper maintenance?

  2. You should be oiling the chain every 500Km and doing a proper clean every 1000km. By proper I mean using a paint brush and kerosene to remove all the accumulated crap on the chain. The other option is some chain cleaner which works wonders but is $20 a can.

    Your chain (depending on what your manual says) should have between 2.5cm and 3.5cm movement in it at the loosest point. That should be at the tightest point on the chain. Rotate the wheel as you are tightening and you will see that it stretches irregularly.

    Any irregular wear to the chain will also wear the sprockets unevenly. Replacing just the chain onto damaged sprockets will significantly reduce chain life. They should all be replaced in one go.

    Hope that clears things up a little
  3. Have a look at the manufacturers manual!
    It should state that the chain strech should not exceed an "X" ammount "mm" or "Inches".
    The manufacturers spec will also give you what to look out for in sprocket wear like: Cone, shelling, or uneven wear.
    I think that coning would not apply in your case because it is generally due to excess power or load.
    Chain strech is normal that is why when you ride hard you will get the maximum streach within the elastic limits of your chain and it shouldn't strech much more than that.
    Abnormal wear is usualy due to mis-alignment or defects in the chain or sprockets causing excessive heat and changing the internal crystal structure of the metal from the hardened state to a soft state.
    Again very unlikely!

    This is why I can't stress the importance of scheduled maintenance! eg cleaning, inspecting and lubing.
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    Cheers :cool: