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Maintenance Help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mini_chew90, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hey guys just got a new CBR 125 r and am totally new to bikes. So I just wanted to know what do i need to do to keep my bike in tip top condition. eg oil changes, chain grease and stuff.

  2. As a general rule most people seem to lube the chain every 500kms with a chain clean every 1000kms. Have a look at the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual for oil changes and other work. The most important thing is probably to use good quality oil ;)

    And do a search and read every thread on your bike :grin:
  3. Check your owner's manual. It will specify a maintenance schedule and offer a basic guide for the more basic tasks.
  4. Don't ride it ;).

    There are plenty of tips for keeping a bike in good condition for many years, but you'll probably be bored with the thing in 6 months anyway so there's not much point. Just follow the owners manual to keep it from blowing up and enjoy riding.
  5. If it's under warranty, no need to do too much apart from routine checks and adjustments etc. Let the dealer take care of the servicing.

    Just follow the owner's manual recommendations. Check oil plus safety items (tyres/brakes) daily but shouldn't be a problem on a new bike.
  6. Start coming to Wednesday spanner nights, all wlll be revealed, and you'll learn how to do most of it yourself.
  7. Do the scheduled maintenance, check the chain slack and lube it regularly, check your indicators, brake lights and horn, check the tyre pressure regularly. Give it a clean now and then, and most of all, Ride Safe :grin:
  8. Yeh cheers guys. been heaps of help. by the way i love this site.