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Maintenance and Servicing: How often

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BLITZiT, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    As you may or may not be aware I own a Suzuki GSX250F Across. I have just created this topic to find out how often people get their bike serviced.

    To get the ball rolling,
    I get mine every 4,000km's (at least I try too)

  2. On the VTR250 and my car I do the minor routine maintenance such as oilchanges and (when required) filters/plugs every 5000-ish km, by m'self.

    The major services I get a workshop to do as I don't have the equipment or mad skizzles to mess around with shim adjustments and carb syncing, engine timing, etc. They get done by the book's maintenance schedule.
  3. Well that's easy. Every Wednesday at spanner night!
  4. When the manual for my vehicles say it has to be done.
  5. Minor every hour.
    Major every 15 hours.
    Rebuild at 90 hours.

  6. Wow :shock: thats deadicated
  7. Are you trying to jinx my little motor? :LOL:
  8. No Enduro races for you.
  9. Enduros are much easier on the bike.
  10. ok then let me re-word...

    That's devotard :p
  11. Check over and adjustment - Most weekends
    Service and parts - As per the book (or pre trip if going past schedule)

    Use quallity oils and parts and you wont go wrong.

    EDIT: This thread may be moved.
  12. Everyday ofcourse :grin:
  13. Whenever it needs it. Which will depend on how often it's been used, how it's been used etc. etc. I tend to use the recommended service intervals only as a very rough guide. Often I'll service stuff early simply for something to do, especially if I've had a beer or two on a weekend afternoon (which rules out going for a ride/drive).
    I also used to change the viscosity of the oil in the car between winter and summer though with the milder winters of the last few years I've not had to bother. Won't bother using a thinner oil in the bike for winter though, if it's too cold for the oil it's too cold to ride IMO ;).
  14. When it fails to proceed
  15. What about when it fails to stop? :p
  16. SOFT!!! :LOL:
  17. Gets below zero often in Fairfield then? :p
  18. Oil every 5k. Filter 10k. The book says 6k but I've always been taught 5k car or bike.

    Can do brake fluids, coolant and brake pads myself but thats about the limit of my knowledge. Anything more and it has to go to a mech.
  19. oil and filter every 3000km +or- 100 odd km and everything else as needed.