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Maintaining Stamina

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. So I have a new bike - its bigger - faster (have yet to really experience this) & a hell of a lot more daunting than the 250. Each time I take it out I'm coming home so damn tired .........

    First day I put it down to hanging on to tightly, over-concentrating and just getting used to the thing. But, a week later am still feeling the same.

    Have tried eating chocolate before I go (energy food!), stopping for coffee, drinking lots of water, even Red Bull. Am beginning to wonder if this cold weather (in Melb) isn't helping.

    God forbid I have to start exercising or meditating to help me get over this :shock: Any less drastic solutions on hand?
  2. What sort of tired? Mental/physical? And how long are the trips?
  3. Both :( Last week did a couple of 230-250km runs, this morning just shot out for a 100km round the block on roads I know - but still found them daunting as lots of crap on the ground
  4. Have you tried staring the engine?
  5. The Monster should be easier to ride, not harder. It only goes faster if you make it and the handling should be better, so less taxing on the brain and the body. It could be that you're doing too much thinking and trying to ride the bike, not let it do it's thing.

    I think you probably hit the nail on the head with the relaxing.

    We can chat tonight? :)
  6. :LOL: not sure if this will help ........ :p
  7. Yep, just stare it to death. Just like Paddington did. That'll fix it.
  8. It is - much easier to ride, handles extremely well - I'd say you're spot on about the thinking bit. But how does one shut off the brain when its actually needed whilst one is riding?
    Have been doing my chicken wings ....... :)
    You think we'll actually get to have a logical conversation at tues nite coffee :grin:
  9. Drink gaterade, it gives your stamina, replaces electrolytes AND it turns your sweat cool colours!!
  11. Zen - does that come in liquid or table form? :wink: but, yes, probably am being new to me & all
  12. hmmm... thought it was just me that found this odd :LOL:

    can't help u tho coz I've only ridden a 250... still restricted... but I'd probably put it down to needing to relax more on it :?:
  13. "Maintaining Stamina" - And here's me thinking this thread has something to do with all the spam emails I've been getting.

    Viagra is half price at the moment if anyone's interested...
  14. I think he is suggesting that shes pushing it around :p
  15. Eswen is your avatar mr pizza face?? :wink:
  16. You're just getting used to it, and the adrenaline is kicking in a little more than usually, which is why when you finish, you're feeling more tired.

    Give it a couple of months you'll be fine.
  17. Its a peice of art work... A steak as the face of a soccer player. I think.
  18. ah "i can see clearly now" yep definately a T-bone
  19. Perhaps, you could do shorter, but more frequent runs to gradually build your stamina and core strength. When I'm building up for a four - seven day tour, I'll try to do all sorts of things using the bike instead of the chariot.
  20. It will take longer than a week to aclimatise to the new bike......give another week or two and then see how your going.