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Maintainance Price Check

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conspiracytheorist, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Hey I went to local bikeshop and got them to have a look at what my zzr might need doing/checking. After some bouncing and revving they said a valve clearance would be good, and carb clean and sync, and that some sort of suspension .. thing (can't remember) was at 50%, so I should get that fixed, and would notice a big difference when it was fixed, apparently. They said about $150 for the forks or shocks or whatever that part was, so 400 all up.

    Would anyone know what they were talking about in terms of the suspension problem? And does the pricing seem about right? Thanks.

    I realise I could do some of it (carbies) myself, but want to get it done 100% right.

  2. I guess the only thing you could test on the forks (that would deteriorate) by feel would probably be the springs or fluid. I'm really just guessing here though.
  3. Sounds like a bit of a fishing expedition for them. Are they usually trustworthy? You still riding Jared? Remember that I have the voucher that you won. Hope to see you at Terry hills soon.
  4. It sounds about right ($400), carbys are a pain in the ass, as is the valve clearance, so the labour is the biggest expense.

    With the front forks, are they looking at re-valving and changing the oil?
    How many kms on the bike Phiz? If it feels like the front is floating when heading round a corner and accelerating, they could probably be an indication.
  5. Get them to give you a written detailed quote. That way if you do get them to do the work and the final cost goes up you can compare their quote with the work they did do.

    Maybe take the bike to a suspension expert instead of getting a run of the mill bike shop to do this part of the bike.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Its motorcycle weaponry in mona, have only done tyres and preload adjustment with them, and they seem pretty fair, and I've heard the same from others.

    Thanks Karl I'll get there one day :) Yeah I'm still riding, going to write the appeal today. I'm not sure exactly what they're going to do with the front forks - I think it probably needs doing but I'll have a talk to them when I put it in and see exactly what it is, how bad, how necessary is it, etc. Because it is floating / bobbling around corners a bit..

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. Suspension sounds like bad oil or a fork seal leak - is there a bit of oil running down the forks?

    $150 is a reasonable price for replacing fork seals, but if they're just replacing oil it should be much less.

    Dunno about the other stuff, but $400 doesn't sound horendous.
  8. No leaks at all on the forks. But after consciously thinking about the suspension I'm pretty sure it didn't used to be this bad.

    Zzr has treated me well so it deserves some tlc.