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maintain your bike!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. i busted a rear bearing on my zzr the other day. i didn't know what it was so i kept riding for a day, only gettin the wobbles when gearing down to 2nd and first... then i asked a mate to have a look. go to change the bearing and i've cut up the whole inside of the wheel, so new wheel it was for me. at least it was easy to change.......

    anyways; i put this in new riders just to remind everyone, when something goes wrong on your motorbike, dont be an idiot like me, DON"T IGNORE IT CHECK IT AND GET IT FIXED... had that been a front bearing i kept riding on i'd be a sore boy today. plus I've worn the crap out of my brake pads extremely unevenly.

    so for SAFETY and PRICE reasons.... always maintain and expect your bike even if you THINK something is wrong.

  2. YIKES! Loz did a rear bearing on the Hornet a while ago while on a long ride, as I recollect, cost nearly a grand to fix...... :shock:

    And, of course, if you maintain the bike well, regular servicing, kiss it goodnight, etc, you enhance its resale value when it comes time to offload it to someone else.....
  3. Anyone buying a secondhand bike should budget for a chassis teardown and a regrease of all bearings.
    It's dirt cheap insurance that will turn up any number of potentially deadly problems early on.
    From experience, I'd say any bike with over 60k kms is due for at the very least a thorough inspecton of bearings. If the bike has been religiously garaged, maybe 80k kms.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Indeed, my bike is religiously garaged; I put it in the garage every night and pray that no-one steals it :LOL:!!!
  5. :roll:
    Thank you Punman!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. There are lots of good reasons to do maintenance and repairs sooner rather than later.

    Some years ago I was commuting on an old Suzuki X7. It needed new swingarm bearings, so I ordered them and put them on the bench in the shed, vowing to fit them as soon as I had a chance.

    A fortnight later I still hadn't fitted them. Coming out of the final roundabout on my way home from work one night, riding with a good degree of enthusiasm, I got into the fat part of the powerband coming out of the roundabout with the bike still cranked over. At this stage the amount of wear in the bearings allowed the swingarm to move out of line...the countershaft and rear sprockets were no longer aligned...the chain jumped off, wrapped itself tightly around the rear sprocket and locked the rear wheel.

    The bike slid hard left, snapped around and slid right...into the path of an oncoming truck. Fast running out of slide and risking just coming to a dead stop in front of the truck, I wrestled the bike onto the other side of the road...still sliding...and left the road, whereupon hitting the gravel verge I was into a fast slide again! I wove the bike between two trees and came to a stop, upright, near a chainlink fence.

    In short, not fitting new swingarm bearings - an easy job - very nearly killed me. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Of course, not keeping your chain adjusted can easily have the same result.

    Maintenance really can save your life....