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Mainly for female riders - YOUR INPUT NEEDED!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by I Adore Vic, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Are there any stores in Australia that deal specifically/only in women's riding gear?

    Do you think there is a need for a store that deals specifically/only in women's riding gear? When I say riding gear I mean a nice big store stocking a full range - racing leathers, road gear, boots, gloves, helmets, casual stuff etc . I'm talking about a place that has the majority of different brands/sizes/colors on the racks, ready to go.

    How far would you be willing to travel to visit this store if one existed?

    And does anyone know how likely/unlikely it would be to snag brands such as Dri-rider/Joe Rocket/IXON etc in a said store? Do certain stockists have 'rights' to certain brands?

    This is just early, early, early market research guys. Have an idea but no idea... :) I'm not even sure about how to conduct market research. :grin:

    Cheers for any help


  2. My mrs recently decided to try on some gear for that far off Day when she can get on the back....

    Talk about a hard day trying to find anything to fit..... It seems ladies bike gear is all made off the one pattern.

    Most stores seem to have 90% guys gear and a token amount for the girls. Would have been easier to have it all in oone place... get really annoying when you exhausts one stpores range and have to go to another store simply to find a jacket to fit.

    But i do believe that some brands are restricted to certains stores through distribution arrangements with importers etc.
  3. I would love a womans only store...I know its kinda predictable but most stores do tend to focus their priorities on blokes gear with a minimum selection for women... :cry:

    I think certain suppliers have agreements with the dealerships - for example might agree to sell only limited stock in specific stores based around demographic profiles of the area..(i've worked in marketing before but not within motorcycle field) - for example when I worked at Heinz, the sales guys had to persuade stores like Coles, Safeway etc to take their brands - and had to try and excite them into taking a broad range of varieties etc within each store based around likelihood to sell..

    I'm guessin this is probably similar in most fields...but i'd gratefully be proved wrong...

    If there was sufficient credible research, most suppliers would probably be interested in having another potential outlet for their goods - as at the end of the day - a sale is a sale - and all goes towards profits and further developments, new technology etc...

    If I can help you with research in any way I'll try my best...

    I was actually thinking about waiting until I went to the uk at the end of this year to buy my leathers etc, due to the variety and good prices available for women AND men...
  4. Thanks Drew. :)

    I know how she feels. Esp when it comes to ladies leathers.

    Yep..Caz explained this to me the other day. Is this with all brands or just some?
  5. PM sent...
  6. If catered for all shapes & sizes & im talking not just those who have no boobs & stick thin, ( no offience to those who are ) then yep I would travel down to purchase gear.

    But would have to be Melbourne or not far from.
  7. Thanks Geordielass.

    But in my scenario it would be me (the store) approaching the company - not the other way around...well I can't see it being the other way around.

    So I'd have to prove to each company that there is a demand for their products in that region?

    Thankyou. :) I've been thinking about this for some time now...and after spending the wknd in the Elizabeth st bike stores I've been thinking about it even more. :)

    I might have to look at what courses/programs are available to someone with ideas such as myself. :)
  8. No worries...hopefully at the start you would appproach the companies to tell them about a new potential outlet - with a target audience of *xyz* with demographic profile of *abc* and once they'd seen your company in operation - their sales guys would have to come to you and get your store to stock their new range :grin:

    There are places (i cant think off the top of my head) who offer both courses and often grants to people looking to set up a new business - so long as you have a business plan and some solid research into the potential success - it basically gives you tips on opening and running a business and how to write the business plan and perform research etc (I could probs help you with that too ) :grin: I'll PM with details once I've remembered who they are...but if I forget (I have the memory of a seive at the moment) give me a push to remind me :grin:
  9. Same sentiments as my Mrs...

    it seems none of the gear is built for women with bums/hips or boobs

    i'm sure we'd certainly make a trip to be able to see, try and buy all at the one location
  10. Hey, Rosie. That's an awesome concept :cool:

    I agree with Drew. I'm at the stage where I want to go out and buy all my gear, but shopping around for just the right stuff is enough to do your head in.

    Going into a one-stop women's store would be like Christmas. And I wouldn't mind travelling to get there :grin:

    Good going, girl :wink:
  11. Geordielass said:
    I'd really appreciate that info Geordielass. :)

    Ta for your thoughts guys. Much to think about before I think about doing anything. *grips head in pain* :LOL:
  12. I'd absolutely be keen on a store with all female stuff in it because it means there is more likelihood of a larger range of sizes. I just don't fit in the sizes that most stores choose to stock ;)
  13. oh and I'm a regular visitor to Sydney so I'd travel as far as Sydney for it ;) I would also go if it was in Melbourne and I happened to be in Melbourne :)
  14. There's a place in Sydney on Parramatta road at Annandale that seems to deal with that girls stuff. I can't think of the name however!

    (how useful am I?)
  15. Do they specifically stock women's gear Marlon? Riding gear or casual? I'll do a search and see. :) Ta.

    emsie - thanks for your input. Quite a few women I've spoken to have complained about the same thing.
  16. Yeah, from memory they do. As well as T-shirts and all that crap as well.

    This was before I got my licence, so i wasn't paying too much attention. I do understand your pain - my sister has just got her motorbike licence and it was pretty difficult for her to find something... girly, i suppose.
  17. I would worship the ground you walked on forever if you opened something with gear for all women!!!

    I am another one who doesnt fit the bum, hips and boobs fitting sizes available for women riders and especially being a mum trying to express the importance to the kids of wearing all the safety gear when we go for rides, everyone but mum because I cant find pants to fit me so i am comfortable

    I know of a government department that has grants for new business's
    I may be able to find out more about it for you if you like
    but Geordielass may already have those details for you as well
    any help I can be in this I would gladly give

  18. Hey Rosiekins, sounds like nothing short of brilliant! Have a looksie at this site http://www.nna.asn.au/NEIS.htm I did it for my business, it's great. Worth getting into. :grin:
  19. Thats the one I was thinking about

    thanks for posting the link

  20. Thanks for the link Heidi. :) I remember learning about NEIS when I was training to be a young mum's mentor with the YWCA :grin: and I wasn't sure if the program was still around. Nice to see it is, and that it's done so much for so many. :)

    The training aspect interests me....cos to be honest I know shite about setting up a business. :grin: