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Main to side street right hand turn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Portagrug, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all.. Ive searched. Trust me ive searched.. Please believe me when i say ive searched! 8-[

    you may know that im a total of 1.5 hrs on the road as i type this.. if you don't .. you do now.

    My question is. Turning right from a semi main road (1 or two lanes each way 60kph main neighborhood road.) into a side street with houses / parked cars etc.

    If i have to stop and wait for oncoming traffic before i make my turn where should i be in the lane? right foot on the center line? Right foot 1' from the center line with bike in right hand wheel track? Should i be in the middle of the lane to make it hard for cars to get past me on the left?

    I hope ive made it clear enough and look forward to the ideas.

    Thanks heaps!
  2. Think of it in terms of how to position rather than where to position. You need to buffer from oncoming traffic and buffer from overtaking traffic. The right wheeltrack of the right lane works for me.

    It is important to be confident and have presence. If you're timidly sitting to one side of traffic, on the centreline, motorists will treat you like you're not there, so be confident in your position.
  3. I like to angle the bike a bit so that cars can go around me but have to make an effort to do so. Otherwise if I'm right up against the centre line it makes it too easy for someone to try to go straight and possibly take me out or get far too close; I'm only little so the breeze really unsettles me.

    Also I'm not sure if you try to do it but I reeeeally try to read the oncoming traffic a long way back and if there is a gap coming up I slow down way early and just crawl so that I can go as soon as the gap is in the right place; I like to minimise how much I have to stop on the bike.
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  4. Thanks :) i thought i was thinking right.. but now i just have to put it into practice.

    Although Tildette, i can see one fall back to being at an angle, even a slight one.. if you do get rear ended it could spear the bike into oncoming traffic.. its like sitting in the same place in a car.. keep the front wheels straight untill you move to turn that way if you do become unfortunate (being rear ended) you wont be shunted into a head on as well..

    Right hand wheel track practice for me tonight.
  5. What you want, ideally, is for a car to stop behind you. Right wheel track or centre of lane. But give them plenty of warning with the indicator and slow progressively because you don't want them getting into a road rage.
  6. Good point. Though I would have thought it'd be more likely to send the back out rather than send the whole bike into oncoming traffic (but I haven't seen/experienced that so I don't know). I'm trying to think what I actually do when I'm making a right hander; whether or not I really do angle the bike or if I stay straight and just make sure I maintain my ground in the lane a bit.
    I probably do angle... to minimise slow sharp turning (something I suck at).
    Probably only confusing you more! :p
  7. And keep one eye on the mirrors incase some nob isn't stopping.

    btw - left foot down. right foot on the rear brake, friction point, all that :)
  8. Mirrors Yep.. habit from cage and other various vehicles. (have been a professional driver for many years in my past from trucks and buses to chauffeur cars)

    and Agreed with right foot up but it was just a good measuring device to say right foot from line.
  9. Good plain advice :)
    Indicate at least 3 seconds before the street you intend to go down.
    When your braking check your mirrors. If the car behind does not look like stopping...probably a good idea you didn't. But yeah my main focus as I approach where I want to turn is behind me. I am braking so they are my biggest initial danger.
    Angle the bike so you take up the lane you are in and the b ike will already be half way around the 45 degree corner to get into the side street. This allows you a more rapid take off as you are already...almost pointing down the street you intend going down.
    When I say angle I don't mean be right across the lane sideways, but at an agle heading towards you intended direction.
    As I know my rear is clear lol.. My focus is on the oncoming traffic and whats happening in the street I intend to go.
    When you have the gap your focus should be on the street you are entering.
    If you are stuck out there waiting to turn ... Keep your foot of finger on the brake. Keep that rear brake light shining, tap it and flash it even. What eva it takes to be seen
  10. A bad right turn near my house,People love to tailgate ,I can not tell what is over the train bridge before I Top it

    I make my decision as i top the bridge, Anything stupid looking ,straight on and take the next turn. All roads lead to home around here. That one is just the funnest and quickest if its clear.
  11. Thanks again all.. i guess with my bike.. having a slight angle on it will help with seeing directly down the lane behind me.. as i can see directly behind me at all with my shoulders.. i did get a little blind spot mirror to place wide on my left hand mirror to see if it gave me any more direct rear view.. as this part is past my shoulders width wise but angled back in a bit to bounce the reflection behind me.. might work.. if it doesnt.. well 2 bucks later and i can stick it on my wifes car. :)

    Will have a play tonight and see how it all comes together.
  12. go another way.
    i ain't stopping to do that if theres cars close behind me.
  13. I like the angle, it gives you a slightly faster launch so you can get through smaller gaps and not wait as long. Plus if theres two lanes it allows you to watch both of them in the one mirror.
  14. :WStupid:

    I try and time my run so I don't have to stop. If it looks dicey I'll go another way
  15. I like this idea... "sorry wife.. i had to extend my ride for 3 hours coz i couldnt safely turn right anywhere".. i like it :)
  16. I have a similar situation, i have now found another way so am not left sitting there in danger

    Best tip ever from this site, plan your route to avoid this sort of thing do not follow what Google maps or a gps shows you without thinking about the risks along the way.

    Yeah it may mean you ride a bit longer but is that a bad thing?

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. I'll only make these turns if I don't need to stop OR if traffic has already stopped/is crawling, so you have cars behind as a buffer.

    It's really not a good idea to be stationary with moving traffic swerving around you. Double back and turn in from the left.
  18. When you have to make these turns, always do it from the right hand wheel track. Angling the bike a bit "might" assist visibility but flashing your brake light usually works better.

    NEVER ever block the traffic because as good looking as you might be, those cars behind you are not going to stop so give them some room. ;)
  19. If I know where I am going, and know that I can turn at an alternate street before or after, I will try to coordinate with any break in the oncoming traffic, with an alternate, so that I don't have to stop. I really hate sitting there with cars bearing down. The danger is not the car behind you...it's the next one.