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Mail Call Couriers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Has anyone ever had any dealings with these guys? Ive seen an employment ad for them looking for motorcycle couriers, but the ad and the response to it were a bit... iffy. Can anyone confirm these guys arent some sort of internet scam?

  2. They are the real deal, see heaps of them in the city
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  4. Yeah ive already seen the website. Doesnt make them any more legitimate. Especially when they thank you for applcaton when youve actually only asked them about the requirements. Further reading shows the call centre is web based, and highly likely indian.
    As i say, the ad just looked dodgy as, was wondering if anyone had any experience using or working for them.
  5. PM Kernel, he worked as a courier for a few days, he might have some advice on what to expect.
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  7. You probably won't make much money (at least for a while or if you don't know Sydney extremely well) and when you take into account tolls, fuel, bike maintenance, insurance (which is directly deducted from your pay cheque to cover income and their equipment + your own bike) you might as well go work at maccas or something. Some make quite good money when they get good at it and get the priority jobs. You'll need to be on the ball at all times, being on Sydney's roads all day in any weather conditions.

    But holy fcuk it was fun.
  8. What toadcat said. They are legit, but this is not a get rich quick opportunity, the money sounds good until you take a close look at your expenses then you'll likely find you can make the same money with less hassle in a regular job. That was the conclusion I reached after working for them for a couple of weeks. (in my case I was using my car not a bike, but it's probably the same)
  9. I did it before they had this seemingly 24 hour police motorcycle presence in the CBD now.. It would make filtering a bit risky at the moment
  10. In Case someone is interested in joining Nail Call read on.


    Open letter to Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin, co-owners of Mail Call.

    Maybe Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin you want to open your eyes to the realities of your company at home.

    Funny as you Ms Pearse are a member of 'World Vision' maybe lifting the 'carpet in your own backyard' might be worth it. Or does the 'World Vision' concern only distant places OS?

    Below my experience as courier driver for Mail Call and the unprofessional termination after pointing out flaws in the Mail Call organisation prior to the termination.

    The termination session was held up by Phil and Brad and took less than 5 min on the 15.04.2013.

    - No further discussion whatsoever on resolving problems!

    - No intention how things could be improved!

    - Just being punished for speaking up!

    - Phil is the worst manager ever and should just go back driving!

    I dared to point out in an email to Mail Call management below points

    • Poor pay as low as an average of $550 per week!
    No matter how hard I tried whilst I was still working for them I was not able to earn more money! A far cry from the job add promise on SEEK. Promises are made of 'Avg. earnings of $1200pw if not MORE!!!'!

    Reality is more like such a low pay that barley covers the daily expenses for running the vehicle only! Pathetic!

    Wonder where I would get the additional funds from to pay rent, groceries, utility bills, vehicle services, and so on in an expensive city such as Sydney? Any comments Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin?
    • No contribution to superannuation whatsoever!
    Reality feels more like who needs superannuation as courier due to high stress one would pass away long before retirement anyway. No need to pay superannuation! So the thinking must be at Mail Call my impression. Or Maybe it is about maximising owner profits and management bonuses? Who cares about the drivers the pawns of the game! Any comments Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin?
    • No time allowance for lunch breaks!
    Reality is more like gulping food down sitting in front of the steering wheel. Really Healthy and 'Pleasant' isn't it! Have you ever been forced to eat lunch this way? Any thoughts Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin?
    • Inefficiencies in the work distribution for drivers.
    The work distribution happens apparently based on a sophisticated algorithm computer generated. What a laugh! Still a lot of staff is sitting in Cremorne Headquarters manipulating those runs. Wonder why if the computer can generate more sophisticated sequences apparently?

    Reality is more like sometimes having to guess the correct suburbs because the street is in reality in another suburb. Just a 'typo no worries mate' as the saying goes. I pay the fuell no worries Mail Call!

    (To give you an example Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin.

    I had a delivery sequence one day directing me from Rhodes to Maroubra to Alexandria to Botany to Gordon to Hornsby. First impression looks all good but try to find Baker st in Botany. No luck my best guess. Baker st is in Banksmeadow. This meant I had to drive all the way back to Banksmeadow to pick up the parcel.

    Sensible would have been to pick-up the parcel on the way from Maroubra to Alexandria. Maybe the computer required a temporarily break. Just a typo no worries mate as the saying goes. Driving backwards and forwards just to adhere to the 'sequence'! Even if it is completely inefficient! ( To explain to other readers the 'intermec' is the mobile device that provides details and instructions to the drivers on the pick-up and drop-of locations.))

    Back to Phil and the contract termination farce.

    He simply told me I would be unhappy and therefore he terminates the contract between Mail Call and myself.

    Then Phil started scrambling through a bunch of sheets for a few seconds. He found what he was looking for obviously.

    The 'missing reason' was expressed soon after.

    He added that my 'efficiency' would have dropped by 0.05%!

    The details are only known to Phil.

    So the contract was terminated.
    I was speechless frozen.

    Funny enough a few working days prior to the termination Toni from Mail Call told me my efficiency has greatly improved and I should keep up the good work!

    Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin would you be able to pass on to Phil that I haven't seen a more unprofessional and ridiculous reasoning to terminate contracts in a long time. It seems to be standard procedures at Mail Call my impression.

    Pathetic is all I can say!

    Maybe Mail Call can start to improve their disorganised and unprofessional organization by sending me finally copies of all documents I signed and exchanged including the termination document!

    Hard copies only please!

    I asked Craig from Mail Call at the beginning of the contract period back in early March but nothing has happened so far. Indicative?

    To reiterate

    Dear Ms Pearse & Ms Cronin I hope you will be able to improve situations for drivers by better paying them, contributing to superannuation, allowing for lunch breaks, and other things pointed out before.

    Being punished for

    • speaking up on top of
    • poor pay and
    • loads of stress
    seems to be the standard at Mail Call my impression!

    Pretty Poor!

    Just Hiring and Firing to suit senior management's whim's and greed's won't go far my experience.

    High staff turnover is a poor sign of poor senior management practices.

    Best Regards

    Kurt S

    Terminated driver #452


    Still interested in joining?
    Good Luck.
  11. ^^^^ That is as accurate as it gets............I also was a courier in my past and my experience was the same and that was 30 yrs ago. I put that job on par with door to door selling
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  12. It amazes me how little interest there is on TWU side on this subject!
    Considering the TWU stands for 'The Transport Workers Union of Australia'!
    Only the paying ones are worth the 'elite' support my impression!
    Something is wrong with this 'picture'!
  13. I've seen two guys come undone doing this line of work. Motorcycle courier work at Mailcall is a real dead end job. You have all the cost & risk on your back and the earning potential continues to shrink every year. Your motorcycle needs full insurance coverage, you have to buy into Mailcalls own Work Cover insurance, and even pay the insurance on their Intermec device out of your own pocket. When it rains you will earn less money and at the same time greatly increase the chance of an accident. All the risk is on your neck and Mailcall are not responsible at all. You are a contractor (not an employee) and you have waived all claim against them in their legal contract that you must sign day one... If you don't like working in the rain - your contract will be terminated. You cannot pick and choose the days you work. Nor can you pick and choose the jobs given to you.

    You need to start between 8:00 to 8:30am and will rarely finish before 6:00pm and you don't get any breaks. This is 10 hours of demanding work each day. For this you may earn between $80 to $110 per day. Mailcall will then deduct 20% to cover your tax from this amount. So what do you have to look forward to? When you get really, really good and learn all the locations off by heart (it will take you around 6 to 7 months) you finally get to look forward to around $140 to $190 per day. Stories of earning more than $1,000 per week are complete bollocks. The courier rates are simply too low now days. All things considered what does this job work out to be worth? You'll earn $35,000 to $45,000 if you take no holidays.

    From your pay you need to deduct around $15 - $20 for fuel & tolls etc... Whilst you may only put on 150km per day, trust me; the wear and tear on your bike will be harsh... If you do all the maintenance and brake pad replacements yourself great. But make sure you account for the cost of a replacement motorbike sooner than you think. Every day, you will be trying to do pickups and drop offs all over the city so if you cop a parking fine or get spotted jumping gutters or crossing walkways by the police you will be working that day for free. You will be trying to get to your next pickup quickly so hopefully you wont blow a day or two earnings on a red light camera or speed camera... It's easy to do when you are going 5 days a week on the road and your eyes are busy looking for street names or building numbers and you are on a self imposed stop clock. Expect to get a few flat tires so stock up on plugs and understand you wont be getting any money while you are idle on the side of the road trying to fix & pump up that tire. Also don't ever expect any help from Mailcall because they cant help you. You should also factor in paying for NRMA roadside assist out of your pocket.

    The thing to remember is you don't get paid for anything except for the flag-fall on the delivery - nothing in between. You get a token amount for km traveled but that is it. The flag-fall amount can also vary from customer to customer and your amount is at the discretion of Mailcall and can (and will) change without notice. You will be delivering to "shop 2309" somewhere in Westfields shopping center and you will be running on foot to find it because you don't get paid any travel time. Its all off your back. You only get a flag fall fee of $3.50 or $6.00 and a few cents per km... When a job is not ready and you are standing there waiting...you are not being paid. When an address is wrong or incomplete and you are trying to get information... you are not being paid. When there is a traffic jam or you are sitting at red lights... you are not being paid.

    Do yourself a favor - don't kill yourself doing this kind of dead end job.
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  14. And the hot days are killers....sitting on an idling bike in bike gear in 35C heat fries your brain in no time.

    Incidentally, I worked for 2 other companies and my experiences were much the same as everyone above. Don't do it!