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Mah shiny new NC24 VFR400 '88

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ad91on, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Well, I finally bought a proper bike.

    It's a 1988 NC24 Honda VFR-400 with circa 43k on the clock :D :D :D

    I think some of you may already know this bike; it was posted on netrider a little while ago.

    Just rode it home then.

    It's very sexy.

    It has a nice yoshi pipe which sings.

    And a friggin lot of grunt for a LAMS bike :D

    And before you say "But but but" it is LAMS. The rego label wouldn't lie to me.

    I look forward to many pleasurable moments with this bike. On my way home, I had to go through the city, and a young gentleman in a taxi was envying the bike rather loudly and seemed very excited about it.

    Needless to say, the broad grin on my face as I took off at the lights is hopefully a sign of things to come!

    Took it for a spin around my area before heading home, and, um, while it did deliver broad grins...

    ...the battery appeared to have died. I stopped the bike to look it over as one does, and went to start it and - nothing. Literally a 1 minute stop over with the lights on.


    I will check it out in the morning. Push-started anyway. I think, because the bike was not being ridden all the time in the few months before i bought it, and the low-speed trawl through the city on the way home with the lights on, an old battery may have just not been able to keep up. Will swap it with the Across tomorrow morning and see how it goes; hopefully it's not an alternator issue.

    OTHER THAN THAT!! I am very happy with the bike and it will definitely keep me entertained while I'm on my green p's (which i got yesterday).

    Oh, and the bike.

    Couple of pics from a cruise today:

    Attached Files:

  2. That's a nasty scrape
  3. enjoy, they're great fun.
  4. There are some fairing scratches, but they look wayyy worse in the photos than in real life.

    The bike is fairly A1, battery and scratches aside.
  5. I'd be checking the regulator after I replaced the battery if I were you :wink:

    nice colour scheme (y)
  6. New battery in, it seems a lot happier now because it will start without being pushed down a hill :D

    Me v.v. happy. :D:D
  7. .yay!