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Magpies about to wake up!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. #1 joetdm, Aug 12, 2010
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    Stumbled on this Aus Post Bikers ACA clip on Magpies.


    They'll be starting their bomber tactics in the next few weeks and I know how a mighty wack to the back of the head can scare the crap out of you.

    On a bicycle, they drive me nuts every year, worst attack resulted with a decent cut to the side of my face about 3 years ago.

    I'd say a full faced helmet helps but a wack to the back of the head (not by a pillion) would still scare you unexpected.

    Any stories? Or better still, tips that help (sshh, I really want revenge..lol) with these protected birds (national pests in NZ).
  2. You're right - Magpies are a bloody menace and it's a shame you can't shoot them.

    Especially this year when they are on top of the AFL ladder.

  3. Go for the old paint job of eyes on the back of your helmet. Used to work for me when I went walking in the park with an ice-cream bucket over my head. It was a verrrrrrrrry long time ago also....................maybe when I was 10 or something. Ahhhh, the folly of youth.
  4. Magpies are very clever birds. They can sense when people don't like them. I've only been attached by them a couple of times in my life.
  5. Bah hate them with a passion, along with plovers. At least when I'm riding I don't normally know they're there, and they usually can't do any damage. When I'm out running I feel like taking a shotty with me, there's that many of them, surely popping a few wouldn't hurt :D
  6. Attached to what??? :-s

    Vic Gov' DSE website advice on avoiding attack...
    I'd go for the umbrella option myself.

    Nothing say "piss off" to a magpie more than a motobike rider with a colourful umbrella.


    I mean absolutely nothing could go wrong with that ... could it???

    Fun Ha!
  7. Carn the pies !
  8. Add a vertical drive shaft and a prop to that umbrealla thing and you could have a sweet bike that can be turned upside down into a powerboat.
  9. Git serm bin jooce inter ya!
  10. Wait a second, is this an elaborate joke or does this actually happen? wtf?
  11. No joke, maggies actually do this.
    Been on the end of them heaps of times......
    As I said, worst was a cut on face, second worst was wack to the head on road bicycle threw me off balance and lucky I ended up in soft grass!
  12. ****'s sake, I had filed this with drop bears, hoop snakes, and sex after marriage.
  13. yep, know of a postie that had one shot because it would constantly land on his shoulder and try and gouge face and helmet during nesting.
  14. Do a magpie attack search in youtube, there are quite a few on there.
    Some are funny.
  15. I feed them..I have a few that hang around near the home and four at work. They wont attack if you hand them an easy meal. The kids who walk to and from the high school down the road get a hard time from them though. I love 'em...they are symbolic of Australia..75 Squadron..and a great footy team!!
  16. Well said, Rabbito !
  17. 93R17GVXP.

    Savage .17HMR. Perfect for 'pies.
  18. You were going well right up until you mentioned "great footy team".
    They are the magpies that should be shot. Well, at least Eddie and Mick.
  19. throw Joffa in aswell.