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Magnetic Tank Bag & Digital Camera's

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by Digger, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, i am wondering if anyone here has any experience carrying digital camera's in a magnetic tank bag.

    Im planning a short trip on my day off work tomorrow and id like to take my digital SLR along with me but im affraid that i might damage it or at least wipe all the photo's i take.

    My tank bag has multiple compartments so it would be possible to sit it at least a small distance from the bottom layer which has the magnets.. is there anything else i can do, or should i not even attempt it?

    Thanks to anyone that can offer some advice. It seems like a stupid question but the camera is quite expensive and i dont want to damage it.
  2. I've carried my digital Kodak camera in my tank bag with no problems. Carried friend's ones too with no problems. Only small cameras but no harm done. Try it first with only a couple of shots and see what happens. I didn't even think it would be an issue.

  3. I don’t think digital camera's are effected my magnets unless you use a microdrive over a flash drive card for your storage
  4. Should be fine. I carry my digital cameras in my tank bag often - both my point an shoot, and my Nikon D70 DSLR.

    If you're using solid state media such as a CF or SD card, the magnet won't hurt it. If you're using a microdrive, there could be a chance the data may be affected, but it would have to be in close proximity to the tank magnets.

  5. Yeah its Compact Flash so that is good to hear. Ive been so paranoid about what i carry in the tank bag because ive heard all kinds of stories such as people wiping the details off their bank cards etc.

  6. I certainly would let any floppy disks loose around the bottom of my tank bag - you're quite correct, but your camera should be fine.

  7. You know, we tried an electro magnet on an old cassette years ago, it did nothing, we even took the oxide layer off with stickytape, the tape sounded a little scratchie but it still played orrite even with the thing only having bugger all coating on the clear pastic tape.
    We even ran a magnet over a 3.5" floppy, nothing happened.

    Every time I travelled I have run fils through xray machines, no effect.

    They say don't put your CC's close together as they can wipe one another.....ppffttt

    How much of that stuff is actually true is questionable.
  8. OK, well that was quick and painless... thanks for the help everyone. :D
  9. Vic,

    I can assure you that magnetic storage media can and will be damaged if it's placed in close enough proximity to a sufficiently strong magnet.

    For floppy disks, the magnet doesn't even need to be that strong.

    I've destroyed may disks using magnets as a demonstration to my students, and it works (the demonstration - not the disk :) ) every time.

    RE: the CC's though - mine are close together in my wallet, and are all fine. I wouldn't sit them on top of a magnet though :p

  10. I had a magnet that was used to blank tapes....it did a good job of it too

    And as for CC i know a place that they used to pass VIP (Very Impatent People) cards over a magnet and the card would stop working
  11. Interesting to note that the main problem with carrying a DSLR on a bike is actually the repeated vibration which can cause the mirror to become misaligned creating havoc with both focal issues and potentially a misaligned shutter causing increased shutter slap.

    That said, i've carried my D70 with me a couple of times on my bike but when i do it's very heavily padded and in a back pack. I would honestly prefer to carry it in a tank bag with significant amounts of foam for padding, but i don't have a tank bag at the moment.

    On the other hand, my itty bitty Sony point & shoot goes in my pocket, my bag, the bike boot... anywhere it fits. :D
  12. Where did you read this as i would not wish to damage my D70 (mind you mine always is in a backpack and not a tankbag)
  13. Very good point ;)

    I don't just mean let it loose in the bottom of your tank bag of course...;)

    In a good camera bag with sufficient padding is good.

    Really, no more bumps than being carried in the boot of a car on some roads.

    I've done many K's with a SLR (both digital and 35mm) in a tank bag with ne'er a worry.
  14. ditto, never had a problem with a digital in my Oxford tank bag.
  15. I carried my digital camera (minolta a1) in my tankbag a few times, no problems.
  16. You'll have no issues with tankbags, other than the vibration issue mentioned by Koma. The magnets are unlikely to affect even a microdrive, so worry not! Floppies... maybe. They can be wiped with a magnet of reasonable power that's close enough.

    HDDs can't though. I've tried with HDD magnets and I still can't wipe them while they're encased. Maybe an electro-magnet? :LOL:
  17. I carried mine to Broken Hill, all around Broken Hill and back to Melbourne, took plenty of shots and all wrked out no dramas.
  18. my personal experience

    i have a dmh magnetic tank bag
    i left my kodak easyshare camera in the bag for about half a day, and all the images i had on my sd card were damaged.
    magnets will destroy your data on sd cards.
    it is recoverable, but you need to buy a program for it.
    the magnets were strong enough to damage the card.
  19. There have been quite a number of Canon's returned (mostly 300D/350D/20D's) due to heavy and repeated vibration causing the problems i mentioned before. The topic of conversation came up with a mate who used to work at the front desk of the service section of Canon.

    That said, i've never heard a confirmed report of the same problem happening with a superior Nikon DSLR :grin: , but i'd rather be safe than sorry. I prefer to think of my camera as a very fragile object and keep it nice and safe - even in my backpack i'm concerned about the odd lump or bump in the road.
  20. havent read much of this thread...

    but i've carried my Panasonic NVGS-75 DVCam around in my tankbag many a time with no problems at all, it uses both an SD card and a tape... hell i've even had it recording and strapped into the tankbag while i've done a run over mount dandy, and the video came out just fine...

    make sure you pack it with plenty of padding and you wont have a problem...