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Magnetic Pouch for eWay tag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Sydney Experts from the riders of the net.

    I need to get a toll pass for my motorbike. I need to get a toll pass that works on most of sydneys motorways i.e lane cove tunnel, M2, M7. I I am getting one from the Eway. It is a magnetic pouch that attaches to the tank.

    I will only use this once a month or so. Does anyone else have this?? is it any good ?? any issues with a magnet sticking to the tank ?? apparently the magnet is in the pouch so it does not connect directly so wont scratch. I have an XVS650, so gauges are on the tank, any issues with having a magnet near them ??

    Many many thanks - i know there have been a few eway questions lately, but couldnt find an answer to this when searched.

  2. Wont be of much help to you i think but my mate has an rta tag and he just uses it in his jacket pocket. Seems to work, hasnt got a letter from the rta yet.

    At least i know with my rta tag that i am on infrequent use tag, so im not paying any monthly fees etc. Seems to be good, havnt had experience with the e-way one yet.

    And you forgot to put a link to the pouch.
  3. I just go through and let them look it up with number plate recognition stuff, had 2 letters so far out of about 10 trips without my etag on the bike. The letters i got i just filled in my etag details and that was sorted :D

    Although the pouch looks like a great idea!
  4. I do the same thing.

    I have an etag with the RTA. I rang them up and said that the tag was not effective as I ride a bike. They said that they have set up my account so that tolls take a photo of my number plate and automatically bill my etag account.

    They set this up for me about 3 months ago, I use a toll every working day and I have not had a problem yet.
  5. I've got one. It s a very strong magnet, and yes it's in the pouch so it doesn't scratch the tank. Never had it fall off (at speed limits) but judging by the strength of the pouch, it's unlikely it will fall off at really high speeds.

    You actually get a handlebar mount as well, but I find it just easier to keep the tag pouch in my jacket pocket and to take it on and off the tank as required.

    A warning on the pouch says to not go near pacemakers due to the strength of the magnetic field.