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Magic Tyre Goop

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. According to ISTR Devotard a few months ago, there are anti-puncture tyre goops on the market which actually work.

    Can anyone recommend a good one and tell me where I'm likely to find it and how much it's likely to cost?

    No, it's not for the DR. I'm finally utterly pissed off with having to patch my wheelbarrow's tyre twice a day due to the eleventy billion little four pointed calthrop type seeds that have suddenly appeared in my garden and thought I might try some new technology.

    If anyone's got any advice as to how to stop the dog treading on them, I'd appreciate that too.
  2. Astroturf. :wink:

    The best one out of the few I've tried is Slime. However, I would not recommend them for bike tyres except as an absolute last resort emergency fix.

    Disclaimer: Most of my experience with tyre goops has been on the 4x4.
  3. Just make sure you get the goop that is correctly rated for the barrow's top speed.

    Is the dog wearing the correct footwear? Explain ATGATT to the dog. Or let it ride in the barrow.
  4. Get a old bicycle tyre and cut it to size and use it as a liner :wink:
  5. +1 and talcom powder if tubed.

    Goop is crap and is the best way to make a tyre fitter not like u. is hard to clean off rims and smells very bad and toxic.