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"Magic Helmet" delivered

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. And we complain about the price of AS1698 Helmets, this little beauty will set you back $600,000

    This week, Lockheed Martin officially took delivery of a key part of the F-35 fighter’s combat functionality—the pilot’s helmet. The most expensive and complicated piece of headgear ever constructed, the F-35 Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) is one of the multipurpose fighter’s most critical systems, and it's essential to delivering a fully combat-ready version of the fighter to the Marine Corps, the Navy, and the Air Force. But it almost didn’t make the cut because of software problems and side effects akin to those affecting some 3D virtual reality headsets.

    Built by Rockwell Collins ESA Vision Systems International (a joint venture between Rockwell Collins and the Israeli defense company Elbit Systems), the HMDS goes way beyond previous augmented reality displays embedded in pilots’ helmets. In addition to providing the navigational and targeting information typically shown in a combat aircraft’s heads-up display, the HMDS also includes aspects of virtual reality, allowing a pilot to look through the plane. Using a collection of six high-definition video and infrared cameras on the fighter’s exterior called the Distributed Aperture System (DAS), the display extends vision a full 360 degrees around the aircraft from within the cockpit. The helmet is also equipped with night vision capabilities via an infrared sensor that projects imagery inside the facemask.

    ARSTechnica Article
  2. Is ADS approved ? How long before the Chinese make one for $20 ? And a hundred other ridiculous questions. When you talk Military equipment you talk bottomless pits of money.
    The irony is that in the not too distant future fighter aircraft will probably be unmanned, controlled by a nerd at a computer screen from the safety of a bunker.
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    Yep, pretty much already happening. However it's not a nerd, from memory they still have to be qualified. The yanks have already launched and landed on an aircraft carrier with the X47 i think.....
    The world of automated drones in the air, land and sea is reality and whether they are totally autonomous or not is where the legal minefield is causing a few issues. These will eventually get worked out once confidence in the reliability of those systems improves. I wold say this is very much the start of the crossover.

    BIG BIG dollars.
  4. look at it this way these helmets are a step in the way of unmanned aircraft bigger than drones once they fix all the bugs u will be able to sit in an office and put this helmet on and fly a mission any where in the world if u get tired pass helmet to next guy
  5. Lovely article in the news yesterday about a poor man with dementia who wandered away and was found by a bloke flying a drone.... people were out searching, but this guy took his drone to the air and located the fellow and enabled his carers to get him home...