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magazines which ones

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by newtoit, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I am wanting to increase my general knowledge and info, so what are the best magazines to buy?
    Maybe I should point out motorcycle magazines!!!!!!

  2. Depends what you are into I guess. I like Road Rider myself. Others may think that's a bit stuffy. I like reading about touring and DIY stuff, but couldn't give two shits about the nitty gritty of the MotoGP, Harley Davidsons, or which sports bike makes you look better in tight pants. Most people seem to agree that MCN is good though.

    Each to their own really.
  3. I read ACMN as well (subscribe actually) and it seems to be the best with up to date news and products.

    I also read 2wheels and occasional UK mags like FastBikes and have RapidBikes on my desk at work at the moment.

    All have good bits.

    Cheers Spocky
  4. I like Aus road rider, the others just do too much stuff you can get on the net.

    Though i got a peformance bikes the other day which was interesting forthe modded bikes.
  5. I quite like 2Wheels for the practical road craft articles and bike reviews

    AMCN is too GP focused IMO - not enough real world discussion/content.
  6. AMCN, Road Rider and Old Bike Australasia.
  7. Fastbikes is a good read if you're into sport bikes.
  8. I like AMCN for the aussie racing.

    If you're wanting comprehensive reviews of bikes, riding techniques and quality journalism then you can't go past the Brit mags like BIKE, Fast Bikes etc etc
  9. 2 wheels has good info, old bike australasia for good old info and fast bikes UK because its like top gear for bikes, they don't mind taking the piss so its a good laugh and they have good info as well...
  10. I subscribe to 2wheels - a good mag but sometimes aimed at the new rider a little too much. Has a good mix of bike reviews, roadcraft articles, motogp/wsbk news etc. though.
  11. Go to zinio.com, and you will find an easier, cheaper, and better way to read magazines.

    Am subscribed to many magazines from here, at reduced prices and greater availabilty than print versions.

    For online versions of amcn, look in itunes under magshop.
  12. motorcycle trader..... i like to dream
  13. I enjoy reading 'Rapid' as it has a good mix, other I read is the UK 'Fast bikes' which is just sports bikes.
  14. I'm not a fan of Vapid magazine, but there's a lot of people who actually like it. I'm still a little confused about what there is to read in it though... Mostly just glossy pics and specials called 'dickheads and their rides' or something like that.

    I really like the articles in trader, shame it's still mostly ads (just). Road Rider is really good but the quality of writing is dropping a little. Last time I had a flick through t was mostly pictures of people's breakfast.

    Classic Bike Guide is terrific and for the 'read once and throw away' style Dice, Sideburn and Cafe Racer are all pretty good.
  15. Australian Road Rider i find is the best
  16. :WStupid:

    Motorcycle Trader has great articles, is cheap and it is nice to see whats on the market.