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Maduncle is back on a VFR

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by maduncle, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Yay,

    I have been looking for good condition well maintained dead stock late eighties VFR750 for a reasonable price for a while now - and last night I won one off eBay.

    Mind you - when you hit 'place bid' with 30 seconds to go and eBay decides to refresh you by getting you to log in again, and you are typing your username and password in as fast as you can and hitting 'confirm bid' so hard your finger nearly passes through your laptop, and then you win the bike with 3 seconds to go...

    ... then hey - you were meant to have it weren't you?




    I love the black with gold trim, very eighties 'BMW John Player Special'.

    This bike will stay dead stock, these early VFR's are a great investment at the moment, and if you can keep one stock I reckon they will increase in rarity and value.

    I hope to have it in Melbourne in a week or so, then I will begin the process of advertising and selling the High Tea Racer.

  2. Very nice mate. Those 750s were the marque. Look forward to seeing it. But you must be running out of garage space soon ;)
  3. What garage?

    I am going to have to tarp this baby up and keep her dry until HTR is sold, and then she can go under a cover.

    And you will see her on a Thursday night soon...
  4. Ebay sniper..................I love it :)
  5. someone I know who's following the progress of the Runcible Racer will be very happy and very jealous
  6. It looks good.
  7. nice, I have a liking for the JPS look,
  8. If I stretch my imagination far enough - I can almost see the 1988 VFR750 as the logical iteration of the 1965 CB450 (just).

    And owning a black bike has now confirmed in my mind the paint scheme for the Runcible.

    Black frame and black bodywork - absolute classic look that will show off the polish work and chrome, as well as maintain the classic look (and later re-sale value) of the black bomber.

    I even bought a new pair of black cargo pants from the shop in the banner up the top there - just so I could match my bikes.
  9. Very nice mate, saw that one on there myself and had a bit of a look-see.

    Top stuff, let us know how she rides!

    - boingk
  10. You could still put on a pair of slip-ons. It's a great way to preserve the original mufflers.

    Those models had a different note to the later ones, and I reckon it's better.
  11. very clean. there's a red one near my work that i was checking out the other day.

    100 bux says you dont leave stock.
    I know your type!
  12. I was watching that one too :wink:

    I'm after a first gen VF750 to sit beside the VF1000R , but no harm in looking.

    I thought everybody used software these days?

  13. Oh - there is harm in looking, you end up buying!

    And I haven't graduated to 'sniping' software yet to win bids - I love the thrill of the chase and the manual dexterity challenge that comes with a last second eBay win.
  14. Agree! My old '88 had a real leopard snarl even on the stock system.
    Great bike. Stock up on regulator/rectifiers and thermostat senders, Maduncle.
  15. The bike arrived at 5.15pm today, and by 6.30pm I was out in the back streets for a test ride.

    SWEET JESUS - I had forgotten how a VFR can perform, this bike is just so smooth, so responsive and so damn comfortable!

    This bike is mechanically A1, and the low mileage shows.

    Okay - cosmetically she is a bit untidy and would need a new front fairing set to look good again. But that can come later.

    Next step - two new tyres before the RWC. The two on it might pass but I want some new rubber.

    Later on in life I can see a full restoration, the only change might be going to a matt black rather than gloss.

    But for now - I can't wait to get out for a full days ride.
  16. Nice work mate.
  17. Ringing around Melbourne to get prices and ideas on tyres today.

    So - anyone running Metzeler Z8's?

    I was recommended Michelin Pilot Road too.

    In Tyre Motorcycles were pretty helpful, probably end up back there for tyres.

    EDIT: I just read the Metzeler reviews, so I will be getting a pair of them I reckon.
  18. Yes. I've got a few thousand ks on mine, and they're wearing well. Plenty of grip, esp in the wet.

    I thought they made a huge difference to the VFR, but then they replaced a flat spotted front and a rock hard rear...
  19. In the end I could not get Metzler's to fit my wheels - so today I am getting new Pirelli tyres and a RWC, hopefully I will be able to register the bike tomorrow and then be on the road.

    So far I have picked up new bar ends, new grips and new mirrors all from the UK - with the Aussie dollar buying 68 pence - now is the time to buy UK parts.

    Still tossing up what to do to this bike later on (one the Runcible is finished).

    1/. Get the fairings restored and keep the bike dead stock.

    2/. Get the fairings restored and get them painted in the red white and blue race stripes.

    3/. Get RC30 fairings and get them painted in the race colours.

    4/. Build a VFR750 Street Fighter/Cafe Racer!
  20. wow that looks clean for its age.. great buy