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Madness.. New from Sydney :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MadAzz300, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I've been reading around here for a few months while I contemplated getting my learners licence, and a bike. Well, that's all done and dusted - and all I can say is - I should have done it sooner!

    My ride is a Sachs MadAss 125 (my name on here might give that away lol), had 'im for a week, and slowly getting used to it. Very interesting bike and very fun to ride too.

    Well, that's about it. Going to check out the site now.. see if I can find an instructor of some sort to help with my riding skills (or lack there of)..

    Cheers, Lee
  2. it's a long way in from Mt Druitt to Homebush, but you SHOULD front up to the Learner's Sessions there, lots of very expert and patient people who've already helped lots of newies over the bumps (y)

    Welcome too :)
  3. Thanks for the welcome:)

    I was just reading that post and thought it'd be a great thing to go to.. but I lack the confidence to leave my comfort zone.. heck, I can't even get up to 70kms without scaring myself silly ...
    Plus I'm trying to sort out bumpy roads and roundabouts (I've never driven a car either) , cornering (what part of the lane, what gear, how fast etc etc)... there's so much to riding!!

    Never know, I might find a helping hand in my area on here.
  4. if you need some one to help you with the finer points of rideing on the road i can help you out, im not to far from you.we can meet up at whalan reserve first and work from there .then go for a short ride after and see where your at with your road craft ,,
  5. my son is also on his Ls so he may come down to, he is a competent rider now ,, when i ride with him i still go slow , so this will be good for you until you get more confident.
  6. That would be awesome if we can sort something out, and much appreciated! I ride past the reserve every day going to work (safer route than trying the great western hwy!)

    Not sure how we swap details and actually meet up?
  7. when do you want to do it ??
  8. I work Mon - Fri 6-2pm and hit the reserve area around 2:30pm. I can go there any afternoon. Or the weekend if you prefer?
  9. i will pm you tomorrow with a time and day, i work all hours day and night,wont know when im working and what time i will finish until tomorrow afternoon ..
  10. No worries.. Thanks again! Definately looking forward to the help :)
  11. bud....you live in letho?
  12. no i live in a house
  13. na just...local youngin's here came down asking me bout taking out chain link for a new chain bout a week or so back - not long after i see a madass cruisin around the block
  14. i dont fit on a madass , if i tried to ride one it will BREAK ,
  15. ....i'd almost pay to see that.
  16. and the mad ass rider is female
  17. .....what's the point there? she lives too close for me to play the are you hot game - i'd get chewed out by my woman.
  18. actually...both sydmadass and your son should pop along to the penrith area learner runs tiprat mate :p whilst i'm at it...if your local why don't you pop along?
  19. i ride a vintage triumph,my son rides a vintage BSA ,i like to ride my bike with my mates that i have been rideing with for many many years , i dont like to ride with people i dont know , im willing to show the mad ass chick what road craft is .. and to just putt around and see if she is doing anything wrong when rideing . thanks for the invite but no thanks ,any way your only on your red Ps so you can only do 90 . i go a bit faster than that when im not rideing with my son ,just because i ride a old bike dont mean they carnt go over the speed limit.