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Madmaxoz intro and looking for a Broken Hill ride in January

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by madmaxoz, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Better late than never.

    Madmaxoz here. Started riding when I turned 40 and my Suzuki GSX1400 Sports/Tourer is my 3rd bike. I sometimes wear the yellow "Polite" bib... and no, I am not a cop, but I have been pulled over by a few in the car...... so I got rid of the car and ride every day! Take my camera along close to my chest most of the time for that million dollar picture or video. Live in Carnegie VIC (near the Caulfield Racecourse). Looking for a female who rides a bike....please send me pictures of the bike!

    I am thinking of riding to Broken Hill middle to the end of January because it is there. Where do I post this ride if I want to get others to join in? Not sure if I should post it on the event / ride calendar as it is only to see if others are interested. I want to spend about a week away, so only going to be there for a day unless there is actually something to do there.

    The 5 or 6 rides I have been on so far have been great, so well done to all the Netrider volunteers.

    Stay upright

  2. Hi Madmaxoz, Post in Ride Event Planner if you want to see if you get some fellow travelers who may be interested. Good idea to give an idea of route, stops, accommodation e.g camping, Hotel etc.

    Good Luck. :)
  3. Broken Hill ride to post interest

    Hi Chris

    If I post in the ride event planner, does that mean I have to give the dates? I just want to see if anyone was interested and then we would discuss it further. Mainly, I just want to go up there and back with no set plan.

    Can I do a post that just says: "Anyone interested in going to Broken Hill? Leaving Melbourne mid January for a weeks ride."


    PS. How do I leave sayings that others have in their replies?
  4. Re: Broken Hill ride to post interest

    Absolutely, that's what the Ride planner is for. Once you have a date and some details of the ride, you can post it to the calendar and it will go into the event forum.
  5. +1 to Flipper Madmax. The Ride Event Planner is fairly informal. Once you have some agreement on times date format etc then Post to the calendar and you will pick up more people who may be interested.

    Re putting a signature at the bottom of your posts you do that in your Profile. Click on the link at the top of any thread "Profile" and then put what you want in the signature area of that page.
  6. Hi and Welcome.

    Good luck with planning the ride.
  7. info I need

    Thx for the information and the welcome by all netriders have been overwhelming.

    Rides have been great.