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Madman...new here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Madman, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, my name is Quint... just joined the forum.

    Was first on www.motor-forum.nl when I lived in the Netherlands,
    then on www.bikechatforums.com when moved to Scotland,
    and now joined netrider since I will be moving to Sin City in january.

    Hope to meet some of you on a rideout :grin:
  2. Well, Quint, welcome to THIS forum :)
  3. Oh, forgot to mention I used to ride an early Fazer but had to sell it 'cause it was too expensive to ship it over to Oz, did 21,000 km with it last year :cool:
  4. Welcome the forum Madman :grin:
  5. Welcome to the forum Madman :grin:
  6. Welcome, you mad bugger! :p

    How long u plan on stayin' on oz? Have you been here before? (just out of curiousity) :wink:
  7. no have never been in australia... so it's a bit of a risk moving over there but everyone who's been there tells me I should go.

    Better climate for riding than Scotland \:D/
  8. ...and I should think more to see, and alot more road to see it on. (from what I hear, better roads too) :)

    I think you'll love it here!
  9. welcome, im sure you will enjoy your time here! :)
  10. 21000 Km's around Scotland last year? Dood are there any roads left to explore? :grin:
  11. Yeah - Thanks Joel!

    Welcome Quint. It's definitely good riding here.
  12. :oops: :oops:
    i do my best
    :oops: :oops:
  13. nope, that's why I am moving over :wink:

    (5200 of those km's was in europe though, Uk - ned (assen!) - ger (ring!) - aus - swi - ita (monza!) - france - uk)
  14. DAMN! You're certainly getting to see much of the world - and the best way too. I am green with envy. :applause: