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Madif by Berik 2pc suit - Any experience?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by stickers, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Came across this suit on ebay, sold by action motorcycles in Sydney and it seemed like a bargain for $379 as the RRP is $799.

    But on one hand it sounds too good to be true, on the other hand it isn't that descriptive so I'm wondering if it's because they are just marketed that way or a case of 'you get what you pay for'.

    eg. They don't specify the thickness and type of leather used, the stitchings, etc.

    Product Description

    (Madif is manufactured by Berik Leathers in Hong Kong)

    Perforated leather
    Hip padding
    Ykk zippers
    CE shoulder, elbow and knee protectors
    Race collar
    Bionic stretch material underarms, crotch and behind knees
    Stretch leather at lower back and knees
    Foam back pad
    Zips at cuff
    Tail bone pad
    1 inner pocket
    Aero dynamic hump protector

    I'm not sure if it's a template description for the rest of their suits as I don't seem to see an aerodynamic hump in the picture?

    I have an alpinestars 2pc suit currently, but if this were good I wouldn't mind an extra set for just the weekend afternoon ride. Couldn't find anything about Madif, or any reviews about this product.. so since it says that a few pieces have been sold on ebay, was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with it?

  2. common knowledge on here, they always do it
  3. The factory for Arlen Ness/Berik/Madif is in China, hence why the prices are cheaper
  4. Plus actions buy by the pallet load
  5. Just spoke to a friend out here who is the distributor for them, he says they hold up very well but better off to get the 1 piece over the two piece, he's bring one for me to try on Sunday at Shanghai f1 track so I'll do a session in it and let you know how they feel and what the quality is like
  6. It seems that Berik/Madif/Arlen Ness isn't as popular in the states and rest of the world as it is in Asia.

    The exact same model in 1 pc?

    not expecting much but if it's decent enough then it should be worth considering.
    please do let me know~ :)
  7. No he's bringing a madif 1piece - either way i'll let you know what its like
  8. I have that exact suit, so far it has been very good.

    I've used it at one trackday & a couple of little rides, it is breaking in very quickly & I'm happy with it for the money.

    The only niggle I have with it is the sleeve ends which aren't covered over like they have been on my previous gear, but once the gloves are on, no problem.

    IMHO a very good suit for the money ($379), but at $799 I think I would be looking at other brands or good s/h stuff.

    Ventilation is very good, zips are ok quality, not amazing, but should last fine if looked after. The lining is not removable & there is no back protector fitted with the suit (there is a pocket for it), that not an issue for me as I use it with a Forcefield back protector, but if you're expecting one, you'll be disappointed

    So far all the stitching has held up & everything is working fine. Leather seems to be the usual thickness.

    Let me know if you want to know anything specific.

    Edit: It doesn't have an aerodynamic hump, or any hump for that matter!
  9. I have the same suit too, and like MV said - they aren't bad for the money. This is my first suit so it's hard for me to compare with anything else, and I could only use it once so far. But it feels alright. You can't go wrong at this price.
  10. For track duties in general or in the Madif suits in particular?

  11. Thank you MV and Eight! exactly what I was looking for..

    Would you know if an alpinestars back amour would fit as well?

    I'm mainly concerned about the quality of the leather (full grain?). obviously it wouldn't be premium quality, but has it faded, split, dried, cracked or shown any signs of wear since you bought it? (Did you maintain it with conditioner or just leave it to hang after using?)

    By usual thickness, are you comparing with other suits or street leather jackets (which run thinner 1.1mm for some i believe)?

    lol @ the aero hump.. so it's a template description for their product lineup afterall. :D
  12. Seems to be 1.2-1.4mm leather, all still supple, no cracks or anything. Looks like quality leather. Haven't used anything on it, just hang it back up in the cupboard.

    I can measure the pocket if you like, but it looks pretty small, for track duties you'd be better off with a proper back protector I think.
  13. I wouldn't pay any attention to thickness of leather, good quality leather is soft and supple.

    Our top of the range suits are 1.0mm thick and weigh about 1.5kg less than the stuff in the shops.

    I would also add that the specifications listed can also be found on most $200 el cheapo suits from Sialkot.

    Have a good look at stitching, internal armour and remember that fit is just as important as quality of material and construction techniques.
    You get what you pay for when it comes to leathers. If you want a professional suit made by an expert, you have to pay accordingly. If you're after a cheap suit to keep you relatively safe in low to medium speed situations, you can choose from many brands.
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  14. MV: will do.. one last question, is the jacket long enough to be worn on it's own? Or will look like a belly shirt?

    ozmotorcycleleathers: I understand where you're coming from.. i have an A* suit which I enjoy very much, but would like to have a spare one to chuck on for the weekends or casual rides without worrying too much. :)
  15. I have done with no worries, it's shorter than my Brando style jacket, but no shorter than any other jacket of that style out there.
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  16. keen to hear how the Madif Suits are holding up.
    I'm looking at a 1piece from AMA Warehouse for $399