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Madge, the rain's are 'ere!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Yay! Rain!!

    Hope this helps the firey's!


  2. [​IMG] We got all of 30 seconds worth of rain up here.
  3. May help the fireys, and may contaminate melbournes major water supply.

    get it right mother nature, geez.
  4. Hmm, checked our tanks yesterday and we have enough water for maybe 5 days, if we are lucky :evil:

    Unfortunately, we only got about 30 seconds worth or rain here too, so I hope the fireries benefit from it...we can always buy some water in.
  5. Isn't it odd, that we actually need bush fires to rejuvenate & germinate certain plant species in the Australian bush, as the heat of the fire is the only thing that will open certain seed pods etc.

    Because us humans decide to live in these areas, it becomes such a tragic event when these fires occurs.

    Or its just Mother Natures way of punishing the higher life forms on the planet (though I sometimes wonder) for fùćКing up the planet.
  6. Wasn't enough to clear the dust off the roof :?
    Fingers crossed for a tad more before the weekend .......
  7. P*ssed down half the night here! Hope we didn't empty the clouds :oops:
  8. It's 'Marge'...not Madge... Dag. :LOL: