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Made it home alive, luvn my new baby across

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by frankd, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Just had to let you guys/girls I got my baby across home tonite without any dramas being my first ride and at night! I was a bit worried as I had to use the freeway for mostly the whole way but she ran so beautiful I was home before I knew it.

    Lookn forward to getting stacks on K's on the odometer!!!

  2. Good stuff.. :grin:
  3. Great to hear.

    Although I guess we'd probably not hear a "made it home dead" post due to the following reasons.....

    1) You'd be dead


    2) You'd be a zombie.


    3) We may misunderstand you when you talk about getting legless or your knee down.

    Nothing wrong with Zombies, but Zombies cant type very well it would come out more like "madsiu itfd hoems deafdf"

    And strangely enough their posts always seem to ramble on about eating brains. While that has its place, it doesnt fit in with the overall scheme of things here at netrider. Unless they are crumbed and deep fried, which is, quite frankly, delicious.
  4. Don't forget the chianti and favor beans! :LOL:

    Well done frankd by the way, welcome to the world of motorcycling! :)
  5. Was bright yellow a stock colour for the Across?? Either way it looks good.

    Enjoy the new toy :).

    {OT Love the Simpsons episode where the zombies are walking around chanting 'get brains' and when they meet Homer they bypass him and keep looking :LOL:.}
  6. Congrats on the new bike :)

    Don't show it to Smee though, yellow and a place for his handbag... he'll get all jealous :wink:
  7. They're not going to miss you on that bike!! Actually, who am I kidding....
  8. Geez, TRiX, pass the pipe will ya? :wink:
  9. haha yes bright yellow is the colour, its not the original colour dont think they came in a yellow but I love it anyways. Second day riding and the manbag has already been put to good use :D
  10. well done mate. I got my across about 6 months ago and had to ride it home at night for my first riding experience from noble park to bulleen. Were a few hairy moments (like getting stuck in the middle of springvale rd due to bike/rider problems) but now I ride it as easily as I drive my cage.
  11. Cheers to your new bike . WOW , its a bright one . Are you colour co-ordinated or is it new wardrobe time :)
  12. Wee congrats :grin: . You're not that far away from me either. Should go for a ride sometime.
  13. Congrats frankd from another across owner.

    They're a great little bike & yeah the man/woman bag/glovebox is great for doing the shopping :LOL: :LOL:

    Enjoy & be safe.
  14. I thought you worked out from CC that I dont need any chemical assistance to be mad, just to keep my fragile grip on reality.

    Just remember.... "I love you, I want to eat your brains"

    Guess it's time to go join ZombieHorde for a while eh?
  15. i thought about getting a yellow matching helmet but then i thought hey I actually want to be able to ride with other pplz without looking like a d*@k!

    Yian you arnt far from me at all, meet up for ride for sure. maybe we can meet one night before one of the coffee nights and go together. They sound like good fun...

    As for Zombie man, you wont be touching my brains for at least a while!!! :LOL:
  16. heh Frank, I lived in Balwyn North for a long time.

    You're already living with the living dead. Just look at your neighbors. I bet half of them are more dead than alive already.

    PS: Say hi to my parents if you live down near Bellevue ;)
  17. haha too true!!! I always wonder why im still living here, the best is when they hear you coming and give you the dirtiest look!!! ahahahah Ill say hi the the olds when I ride past ;)

    Your doing well moving to qld, mmmmmm love that place
  18. Dont drop in and say hi, or mum will rope you into taking her for a ride.

    On the bike I meant.

    Although I'm sure dad would be more than keen to avoid some conjugal duty.

    So just be warned!
  19. Moved up here about 5 years ago, the weather is great for riding and riders do get a little more respect on the roads. Very glad to say goodbye to august rides along the eastern freeway.

    If you're really keen to get up here I guarantee I can find you a job within about 2 days cos you have a bike licence....

    But be warned, seperation form all your family and friends is not that easy.