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Made It - First Ride in the wet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jem, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Rode to work to day in the lovely Melbourne drizzle, this is only week 2 of having the bike and my 6th trip to work (Gave yesterday a miss) so I was to put it mildly very nervous about how it would go.

    Other than the fact that everyone else on the road must have thought I was wearing a beige cardigan and driving a camary with a bowls hat on the parcel shelf I would have to say it was an okay trip.

    So that is 2 important milestones to cross of the list, first ride in the wet and of course dropping it in your driveway which I managed to do on day one.

    It can only get better from here :D

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS if this is in the wrong spot Mods please move it.
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  2. Sorry to hear that you've already dropped her but good on you for getting out in the wet.

    Don't worry about what others may think of your riding, I'd rather be mistaken for being a beige rider than lying under a truck. Getting out there taking it easy and getting your skills and confidence up are all things we have to go through - build up at your own pace and in a few months time you'll wonder why you ever worried about it.
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  3. Thanks robbie,

    I am relaxed about the drop now; perhaps not at the time. I was pushing her in my driveway which is gravel and over she went; just a small scrach and a sightly bent back brake lever so no real damage.

    If this makes sense I am sort of glad it happened; I am sure it was going to happen sooner or later and now that I have done it I can relax about that bit and get on with learning.

    Thanks for the advice about doing it my own pace; that is what I have been doing, If I feel that I am only up to taking a corner at 30 that is what I am doing, if the people behind me do not like it then bad luck.

    I must admit I stood on my front steps for about 5 minutes this morning thinking about what to do; very glad I rode now.

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Some of the best rides I have ever had were in the wet.

    Don't let a little rain stop you from doing what you enjoy.

    The next thing to do is a training course, after you get you P's as Hart wont let you do one on your L's, and that will show you how to do things even better.

    There is always the Saturday Morning Advice!! sessions that some of the guys here hold. Just turn up and get some free advise and some more confidence.

    Remember you NEVER stop learning.
  5. Good on you for getting out in the wet.

    Most of us would have been nervous the first time we went out in the rain, and i know i still get a little nervous sometimes in the rain.

    Keep it going and you may even start to enjoy the wet more than the dry ;)
  6. Congrats Jeremy, was that you I saw riding a black Yamaha down Exhibition st this morning round about 8:45 ish I 'd think.
    Mate dont let the rain stop you from riding, just put the plastics on, and get as relaxed as you can and enjoy the ride.
  7. Thanks Danco and Goddie, was quite pleased that I did it in a planned way rather than being caught one day and having to face the nerves then. I left home about 30 minutes early so there would be less traffic and no rush.

    Goddie, no not me, I am on a black Kawasaki and work in Hawthorn, come along Canturbury Road and across Bourke so I cross at right angles to the tram tracks so do not have to worry about them till I get more experienced.

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. Riding in the wet is generally ok but can have it's drama.

    One night a over years ago we had a couple asian learner riders at work. Happened to be a rainy night in suburbia this night so I advised these to to watch out for the slippery stuff like white lines and arrows on the road surface (no bike courses back then).

    Anyway, failed to take my own advice and went over a painted arrow and almost lost it. Just as well it was after midnight and not much traffic had the worst happened.
  9. yep, do all your braking before the head of the intersection in the wet.
    you can just touch the brakes at the front and slide straight on into the intersection if you are carrying to much momemtum.
    have done it more than once. theres just too much slippery crud built up there.
    particularly wary of intersections you have to stop at when going downhill.
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  10. Thanks Alan and MT1 very good advice there!

    I rode on Tuesday in Melb, that was certainly an experience!!!

    Still getting very slowly better at it and have started to know all the real trouble spots on my route to work.

    Thanks again, Jeremy
  11. today sucked ass.
    i honestly think the most important thing to do in the wet is stay warm and dry. as hard as that is to do. be over prepared for it.
    because if you get cold it will affect your riding badly. your reactions become sluggish.
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  12. good on ya for riding in the wet mate i had to do that when i picked up the bike it was scary shit lol.. Still got a long way but u will be fine...Hope to see u down Sat Prac mate...
  13. Doing my goddam L test in the pouring rain kind of forced the wet riding issue for me sooner than I would have liked, lol. But I just had to ignore the rain because my brain was already fully occupied being a total newbie so every basic riding action (clutch in, move foot up, etc) required conscious attention and constant correction. I didn't have any spare brain cells for the rain, and I figured the instructor would have stopped it if it was unsafe. But yeah, traffic and wet roads is a different kind of scary.
  14. As a new learner in Feb this year I bought my scooter from a seller in Wollongong and rode it all the way back to Sydney.....in the wet. It was pelting it down. I had a Dri Rider 2 peice rain suit on and a pair of summer gloves.

    The helmet came with the bike and was well used by the previous 75 yo owner and stunk.

    So, my FIRST EVER riding experience was a 90 minute ride in the wet on a scooter that I had a 5 minute familiarisation with.

    Everything has been relatively simple after that, lol.
  15. lol =D>
  16. Hi all,

    learnt a few more things this morning, while it was not raining it was wet on the road with a lovely light drizzle -

    When changing down to come to a stop make sure speed and gear match otherwise if you get into compression braking mode the rear end gets a bit twitchy ( My rear end got a bit twitchy as well :eek:hno: )

    Items added to my list of things that are not my friend -
    White lines
    White arrows
    Any metal plates on the road - ie manhole covers

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. Hey there,

    I too have my licence and bike only since 4 weeks. Just like you, I have done my first drop and my first ride in the rain. Have to admit it wasn't was bad as I thought, I did find out though that tram tracks are definitely more slippery when wet. Too bad that I have to cross them quite a few times and don't really have the possibility to get too big an angle.

    I always think that others can clearly see the yellow L at the rear of my bike. That should show them that I am a noob and are far away from having mastered my bike. I'd much rather ride too slow around a corner than not make it... that said, so far nobody has visibly/audibly complained yet about me being too slow :)
  18. Have you done your first chain lube yet? Not much strips it of lube faster than riding through a 20+ cm deep puddle, for example.
  19. Hi Luke,

    Planned for Sat, first available time unfortunately.

    Cheers Jeremy
  20. Hey Nina,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of riding in the rain....

    As no doubt everyone will tell you, just ride your own ride, that is what I am doing and if cars do not like it will too bad for them I am the one I am interested in keeping safe.

    Cheers Jeremy