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Made in Australia or 100% Aussie owned?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lautray, May 31, 2010.

  1. Is there any riding gear made in Australia? I see that DriRider proudly promotes their "100% Australian Owned, designed & tested" tag, which is totally awesome (I'm not sure if their product is actually made here), but are there other companies that either have the "Made in Australia" or "100% Australian Owned" attached to riding gear? I'd be happy to pay a price premium for that.

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  2. Well the labels speak for themselves.
    Australian owned doesn't mean Australian made.
    Tiger Angel fits both but as you said they come at a premium.
  3. The trouble with DrRider is that their gear (in my own experience) isn't actually that good. I would buy DR again, but only at big discounts 'cos it ain't worth RRP.
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  4. Check out Collins Leathers. They are aussie owned and I am pretty sure aussie made, but you may want to confirm that.
  5. Er, think they're in Far North Queensland. Not sure if that is still part of Australia... :LOL:

    Good stuff though. As is Tiger Angel.
  6. Hmm, looks like a lot gear coming from Pakistan

    My Gear (this is sad)

    RST gloves -> Pakistan
    RST eduro jacket -> Pakistan
    Alpinestar boots -> Pakistan
    DriRider winter gloves -> Pakistan
    RJAY summer jacket ->China
    RJAY winter pants ->China
    AGV K4 Helmet -> Can't see a made in anywhere but China wouldn't suprise me...

    Looks like best chance to buy Aussie made is local leather which unfortunately have a high price tag....
    Probably out of reach for many.
  7. Draggin Jeans made in Australia.
  8. I thought Collins got theirs overseas too? Too lazy/indifferent to check though. Pretty sure Walden Miller are Australian owned and made....if they are still going...
  9. I know where they are located. I am just not 100% sure if they manufacture their product in Aus or not.
  10. My Collins 2 piece suit is made in Korea. Quality and fit is excellent.
    AGV K4,K3 are made in China GP Tech is made in Italy.
  11. Why? My RJays gloves are made with the finest goat skin Izbekastan can muster!

    Comfy too! ;)
  12. Still? Was it ever?
  13. i don't think many places in Aus still tan, dye, process leather leather, because there is some pretty nasty chemical run of and it stinks to high heaven.... it's mostly done in places like Pakistan nowadays, but they are master leather workers

    pretty sure Rjays is australian owned, but i think manufacturing is in Malaysia.
  14. Yeah rjays is aussie owned. Made in china though
  15. Aussie owned designed and operated here but not made locally -- could not even find anyone interested in working with me because my orders are "small" as such had to go overseas to get manufacturing done because I am a small start up business not an established mega brand like Alpibestars etc

    still -- I think I do provide a good product that is quality and value
  16. Dont worry Moto, I am about to put my order through to you. :)
    I would rather support a startup with the quality service you provide to match
  17. Only on Dole cheque day.
  18. Laro is Aussie owned but made in Pakistan last time I knew. The leather and leather stitching is as good as any.

    Liners? You'll have to get a more up to date apprasial
  19. What I've heard in regards to TA has all been god though, apparently the gear is really, really good and lasts damn well (along the lines of "until it gets cut off you"). So it may balance out in the long run. Not to mention the whole tailored to fit you thing.

    I've been told they actually have only a small factory in Australia; that the bulk of the product is made in Pakistan. Needs confirmation, but its believable.

    Rossi boots claim to be Australian made and owned. Starider are an Australian small business who design and import there own stuff.

    EDIT: As to paying a premium for it, I think Rossi are about average, and Starider is comparatively cheap due to not going through distributors/wholesalers/whatever.
  20. 3 sets of Dainese gloves in the house, all made in Vietnam, 1 AGV GP series made in Italy, Joe Rocket summer jacket says made in Italy, Sidi boots don't list manufacturing origin on either boot or box...