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Made for each other

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by virtual_circuit, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Me and my girlfriend must be made for each other, last night she called me saying her car was having problems running.. sounded like a flat battery while driving i figured it was the alternator (checked it with my multimetre that night and it was), so i got her to drive home with her headlights off and her hazards on. I was at my mates place at the time dropping all the fluids in my car getting it ready for the big drive up north. Anyways started driving home late at night, get from church point to ryde and suddenly i notice my lights dimming etc etc, my alternator has died too!!! so i drive home like a snail with my hazards on (all the way to strathfield) and the car konks out in the driveway.. how is that for luck! Wake up early this morning duck down pick up a new alternator, wacked it in and jumped the bastard (I have already replaced the voltage regulator a few times so i think there was something internally wrong that was frying it...).

    I wish i knew what the odds are of two alternators going in the one night like that!!! And with me moving to Queensland for 6 months on friday as well!! We must definatly be made for each other lol!
  2. yeah thats sweet but its not until you both share the same rash that you know you are really made for each other. :p
  3. Dunno what the odds are...

    Were any nuclear weapons detonated near your property, recently?
  4. Ha ha ha, bring out the EMP!
  5. Oh crap they are onto me!