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made a rather public low side this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. while maintaining my habit of dropping my bike in very public places, i did so this morning turning off from victoria rd onto the glebe island bridge. the road was clear and i had no traffic behind me or infront of me, i took the turn at about 70. then rather suddenly (as of coarse we always perceive it in this situation) the rear lost grip and swung out violently. i tipped in probably a bit too aggressivly, and that combined with the fact that the rear tyre only had about 37klicks on it, provided a very spectacular display im sure for any on lookers. after half an hour of bumper to bumper traffic on victoria rd. i was completly ignorant of my new rear tyre and made no account for it what so ever. i suppose its possible i ran over a white line or maybe a deisel patch, but i doubt it.
    the clutch lever was snapped, handlebars scraped but not bent. small dent in the tank. the left hand foot peg and pillion pig bracket has got some pretty deep gashes in it, and there is about 5mm extra lateral freeplay in the gear selector. it was temporarily a 125cc single for a short amount of the trip home untill i checked and secured all vacum and spark lines, blew a shitload of smoke, but it seems to be running fine now, the exhast smells fine. so the only real issue here is the gear level.
    when i came of i hit the concrete divider, thank christ its the 4ft high variety, i went in with my back and helmet hitting first. i can put very little weight on my left foot, and i have a small graze in my left knee.
    ill obvioulsy need a new helemt. my alpinestar leather jacket has a small hole were my keys were. my draggin jeans wore throught the kevlar weave, hence my knee abbrasion. my bloodstone boots obviously didnt do a good enough job. but they arent trashed either.
    considering the speed at which i came off, i consider my self a very very lucky boy, both in terms of the relative small amount of damage to the bike, and my limited injuries. it could have been so much worse.
    lessons learnt: dont abuse new tyres. standard jeans are not protective clothing, nor are lacky sided boots, even kevlar lined jeans are a band aid solution.
    by the way the tyre was new since my old one got a 1 inch long gash in it riding across the bridge though all that crash debris on wednesday. afterwards i had to walk my bike from narremburn to lane cove honda. murphy has not been kind to me of late.
    i hope everyone elses morning was considerably less eventful than mine!

  2. hard luck Dom.

    Still you walked away with a lesson learnt and not too much damage.

    My advice??? get a real slow cruiser! :rofl:
  3. Medical check-up immediately, my friend, especially that left foot. With the state of insurance/compensation laws in our state, thanks to Fuhrer Carr, you need to make doubly sure that things that aren't right get fixed through the right channels.

    Any chance of replacing the bent bits with second-hand, and save a few bob???
  4. Aww, thats crap but as always glad to hear ur ok.

    Its all material damage & a few grazes so yeah, i'd say a very lucky lad indeed.

    The number of people on autopilot in the mornings, thank god you didn't turn into a speed hump.
  5. I love that corner !
    Reminds me of the dipper on Mt Panorama.
    Especially taking the inside lane and trying to skuff your elbow on the concrete barrier ! :grin:
  6. A painful reminder that new tyres definately don't have as much grip. Glad your gear did it's job and kept you from any serious injuries though - hopefully you get the bike fixed up without too many hassles.
  7. Hard luck mate, the back to the wall incident sounds like you were lucky, was it all in one hit or was it like a whiplash sensation. Back hit and then head?
  8. That's it, I'm never getting new tyres. They just sound too bloody dangerous.
  9. Bad luck... and :LOL: @ ktulu
  10. Haha. That sounds completely reasonable.
    I don't know if this is advisable, but the other day I was at a mate's house (who has been riding a few years now) and he had just brought home his bike with brand new rear treads...

    I asked him if he was worried about grip and he said no, then hopped on top of it, held the front brake and revved it to the heavens.

    30 secs later he said it was good...

    personally I'd rather ride it in but each to their own.
  11. thanks for the support fellas i really appreciate it.
    im seeing the physio in half an hour since the doc was unavailable today. and i love that corner too micky, just it wasnt recipricated this morning :LOL:
    jeff, i might be borrowing a mates virago till i get mine sorted out!
    but yeah i was disgustinlgy lucky hitting that wall, my head and back hitting at just about the same time, and at a shallow angle, if i had hit it square on, i would have most likly been knocked out. its a good thing im always at the honda spares department, the guy there gives me good prices on everything.
    but yeah lesson learnt, new tyres and fast conrners dont like eachother.
    but in hindsight, i'd much rather be in a single vechile accident and come out relativly unhurt, and have no one to blame but myself, than being in a multi vehicle accident, not being at fault, but ending up in hospital. hindsight is bliss.
    again thanks heaps everyone for the support.

  12. That sucks dude, but at least you are intact....maybe look at getting some boots as well, Blundstones aren't going to help too much.
  13. So your draggins wore through the kevlar? Yeah I am starting to think that it's time I got some leather around my legs. :cool:
  14. Hey Mate thats some shitty Luck ,But hey atleast ya alive and ya rides fixable heal quick mate
  15. From the Burnouts Solve Everything Files Disclaimer:
    A standing burnout will scrub in the narrowest section possible in the centre of a motorcycle's rear-tyre.
    The larger footprint created when the weight of the bike and rider under acceleration will still be mostly covered in new&shiny.
    While this will still provide grip, the sides of the tyre [used when cornering] will not be scrubbed in at all - delivering less than adequate grip at speed.
    A burnout also does absolutely nothing to scrub in a new front tyre on a motorcycle.

    But you know, good luck to him... I'm sure the theory's fine, in his opinion :roll:
  16. Seriously, how hard would it be for tyre manufacturers to lightly scrub their product before it goes out the factory door?

    As sold, brand new tyres are dangerous until they're scrubbed in (something new riders may not be aware of unless the shop's good enough to tell them). If you have to take sudden evasive action within your first 100km or so, you're at risk.

    It's a pretty unsatisfactory situation when you think of it.
  17. Hey Dom, Isaid slow, Not STOPPED!! :rofl:
  18. So much for those videos of 140km/hr ratings and stuff...
  19. drinks up to luck and protective clothing, good to hear things are better rather then worse... hope alls well
  20. Good to hear you're alright mate, i really must go get some riding boots :shock: