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Made a friend on the way home

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by weetdix, May 25, 2015.

  1. I guess I pissed the driver off, he was yelling at me for a while but I didn't pick up any of it.

    I'm not sure if it was my initial lane change or when I slowed down to let another car in front of me that "triggered" the driver, really would like to hear the opinion of others on this.

    Ignore the shitty editing and sound drops, I don't know what im doing with the gopro editor.

  2. he was asking you out
    but when you refused to respond he got upset
    good on you , I wouldn't go out with him either
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  3. The only way I can equate his behaviour is: Apes.

    The aged dominant male, getting older and slower. He sees the younger, more supple males running around. He can't compete with their speed or agility - his only comeback is noise and weight.

    He gives the full chest-beating, arm swinging roar to be as threatening as possible but his actions are through insecurity, not necessity.
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  4. nah he just wanted a root
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  5. True, Apes need love too.
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  6. I thought the initial lane change was fine, but clearly he didn't like it. No big deal, but then it might have looked to him that you were taunting him when you allowed him to overtake you. Your first possible slight mistake was not realising that he might come at you around that corner. In hindsight would have been better to GTFO or to just let him go, once you realised he had that many angry pills. That move you made right at the end might have also been a bit unwise - I wouldn't have done that where he had plenty of chance to have another go at hitting you.
  7. We're in Sydney.......... why didn't you lane split and be long gone at the first set of lights? His 'glory boy' move would never have happened.
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    I believe the initial cut off was a bit closer than you anticipated because he got slowed down by the left turner but pushed back up quickly as soon as he could. You cant really tell if thats true from the vid but I assume it was pretty close. Three things. Don't hesitate so much. You caught up to the vehicle in front, slowed down then merged. Keep the momentum so when you've just overtaken something on your left you know you are gaining distance on them. And always put a quick burst of speed on when you change lanes. And HEADCHECK!

    Then if someones ever yelling at you split traffic like mad. Get some distance if you can. Otherwise sit back. Don't keep interacting with them. If you have to stop and let them get distance do it. Once someones mad then theyll critique your every move and get madder.

    Saying all this the driver was a fcuking moron and you didn't do much wrong. These are just a few tips so you don't have to deal with any more "friends".
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  9. Well I can clearly see that you provoking him by . . . Being orange. It's clearly a colour he doesn't understand.
    But seriously I love those moments when someone is being a prick and trying to race you etc. then you just slowly filter past hehe
  10. Unfortunately Weetdix knob jockeys come in all age and sizes, no matter where you live
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  11. what this isn't NR !?!?! wheres the "you should of opened his passenger door.." post?!

    wait, nm i just did it :p

    smileedudesmileedude is correct, impo

    Mind a young lady on here was caught once blowing kisses to an enraged cager from 2 lanes over.... can't remmeber which lady that was,
  12. And I hate to be the bad guy. But I believe you nearly crashed because of a false assumption. You assumed a slowed down vehicle would remain slow and didn't check after you overtook it. Making assumptions when riding is one of the most dangerous things you can do. You need to not do this.

    Just to be clear this does not justify the drivers actions.
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  13. Never trust anyone driving with gloves on (1:14). He was just jealous :)
  14. He was aggressively tailgating the car that turned left, and must have floored it as you changed lanes. And that was enough to attempt to kill you about 5 minutes later as he was still fing angry. Cockheads like this must be avoided, theirs no reasoning with them. I dont mind horn blowing ,gesturing, shouting,but trying to sideswipe a bike is criminally mindless.You might have held him up for a couple of seconds in heavy traffic and thats enough to do THAT
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  15. My take on this is that he was annoyed by your move, therefore you are somewhat at fault. I always look at the type of car that I'm filtering next to or that I'm around int traffic and mentally note anything like bogan driver, mags, lowered, exhaust, commodore or falcon, clean, dirty, junk in the back etc. All of these factors subtly impact how I ride around somebody and whether I'll be tempted to change lanes in front of them etc. The fact that he was pre-disposed to be annoyed then prompts your next action.

    a. Get far enough ahead that it becomes no issue, which would include filtering, taking a slightly different route through side streets etc.

    b. Keep him in front of you at a safe distance preferably where you can see him but he can't, even if this means slowing down and putting some cars and a traffic light change between you.
  16. I agree and disagree. I've been wrongly mistaken at times and have noticed some "bogans" are the ones that respected my riding whilst the families/better off people were more ignorant and bigoted.
    You shouldn't change how you ride based on whether or not someone is going to be a prick. It's their problem
  17. I should mention my driver profiling extends to all socio-economic groups
  18. I have learnt that the newer models of BMW, Mercedes and Audi don't come with indicators. They do however come with horns and 1 driving function: arrogant
  19. 'Made a friend on the way home'...ah, that thread title made me laugh after watching your video weetdix, I like your sense of humour about it. :ROFLMAO: