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Maddington Motorcycle Wreckers (wa) (great Experience)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by llewellyn, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. A couple of days ago the speedo cable on my XJ750 broke. It can be quite hard to find some parts for the bike because it is an ex cop model. While engine parts are easy to track down, because the engine was shared between a few models, cables, electrical bits, some seals, etc can be hard to get. Because of this I don't like getting parts online, unless I am absolutely certain that it is the correct part.

    I had a bit of a nightmare tracking down a new speedo cable. At one wreckers I was assured they had the part and to come and collect it, only to find out it was the wrong part when I came in. When I called Maddington Motorcycle Wreckers, they said they were pretty sure they had the right part, but the only way to be sure was to bring in my broken cable. When I came in, they realised they didn't have a cable off an ex-cop XJ750. At this point, instead of sending me away, they spent 20 mins rummaging through boxes of cables until they found one that would work. They lent me some pliers to fit it, to make sure it would work. After about 1/2 an hour of their time, they only charged me $20 for the new cable.

    As well as the great service and price, they guys working there clearly knew their shit. They came out and checked out my bike and chatted about my bike and theirs (they both had older suzukis). One of the guys told me how to fix a common electrical issue with my bike and gave me some advice about things to look out for with the particular model.

    I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. They seem to have better prices than other Perth wreckers I have been to, and the staff are all really friendly and knowledgeable.