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Madbiker - Pre-purchase and bike sourcing?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by AdamR33, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    Was in a shop in ringwood and I noticed on their notice board an ad for www.madbiker.com.au

    Anyone used the service? Seems reasonably priced.

    The website leaves a little to be desired but gets the point across.

  2. did his maintenance course last night. thought it was good. basically covers the things we need to do ourselves between services and what we need to check on a bike. very friendly and relaxed. diagnosed problems on a few peoples bikes. (bearings, chain, sprockets, tires)
  3. Brett is across the road from me. Went and introduced myself a couple of weeks ago and bought some oil off him.
    Will definitely give him a go when i need something major done.
  4. Go sell him some advertising and make yourself 25% of whatever you sell him ;)
  5. Sounds good to me. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. Hi Adam, I saw a similar ad when I was going for my learners at the start of this year. I wanted to buy a bike but lacking experience or a bike savvy mate, I phoned Brett for assistance. I emailed him details of the bikes I was interested in and we desktopped the list down to the best options.

    Brett then inspected the prospects with me at various places around Melbourne (even offered to go to Ballarat to check out a CBR that looked promising, but I decided to stay suburban). Very thorough and a comprehensive written report as well. He advised against one in particular that I was very keen on due to a bent frame that I obviously didn't and wouldn't have any hope of picking due to my lack of experience.

    The bike I eventually purchased has not missed a beat, he checked it over ultra thoroughly and really gave the seller the third degree, the guy knew he couldn't bulls*^t him. This helped the eventual sale price as well.

  7. +1. I got Brett to inspect a ZZR-250 I was intent on buying, and was very impressed with his ability to pick up evidence of crash damage and deficient parts. Well worth the $110 (especially when people are charging double) to have an experienced mechanic tell you what's what.

    I also have my ZZR-250 serviced with him. Recommended.

  8. I took my bike to Brett for a service last week, I was very happy with the overall experience... Thank you again Brett if you're reading this.

  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking of purchasing a used '08 Ninja that has about 2.5k on the clock. It has 19 months factory warranty (I'm not sure how much this actually covers, can anyone fill me in?) left, and I'm assuming it is pretty mechanically sound seeings how new it is.
    But I also believe it is a very good deal, which leads me to believe it may have some sort of problem? Is it worth spending the extra cash to have it checked out by Brett, even though it is so new?

    Also I was just wondering if I didn't get it checked and it ends up having some problem, does the factory warranty cover all that?
    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate the help. I'm keen to get along to one of the rider nights, so hopefully I meet a few of you guys soon!
  10. Well it's certainly worth giving him a call.
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say.

    He will be checking over my next purchase, that's for sure.

    He's got a maintenance course coming up real soon too.
  11. Thanks for finding that. It had its first service done by an authorised Kawasaki dealer which is good.
    So assuming it hasn't been crashed and that poor servicing isn't a factor, does that mean any problems I have with the bike will be covered because i can assume they are manufactured defects?

    Yeah Dan I reckon you're on the money, I'll give him a call and see what he says. I think $110 will be a small price to pay if it turns out there is any problems (and even if there isn't, I get the peace of mind that I bought a sound bike).
    I'll have to ask and see if the maintenance course is already full, I'd definitely like getting involved in that. Anyone have any recs for any other courses etc?

    Thanks guys
  12. Went and did the basic maintenance course at Mad last night. Definitely recommend it for new riders (the target audience, and most of the attendees were on Ls) but also very useful for those of us that have become slack at checking and doing what we should on a regular basis, or like me have a new bike and after some specific pointers.

    Useful tips/info/recommendations on easy ways to clean/lube/adjust chains, cables, routine checks/inspections, general cleaning, and products he uses and recommends.

    Best of all, only costs $40, goes for 3hrs (our went well over with extra personal attention to specific issues) and everything is done using your bikes as examples - ie one got a wash, one got chain attended to, one got cables/controls lubed, etc etc etc. Every bike there got at least one issue identified and fixed, so great value!
  13. had bike serviced there, was good.

    planning to do a course when i can find a date where im not away :LOL: