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Madaz vs Megacycle Exhausts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by journeyman, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for an aftermarket muffler to my Honda NT650 V-twin (aka Hawk GT or Bros). Noone makes an off-the-shelf for this bike, so I'm looking at the custom guys and am considering either a Madaz or a Megacycle. Both are about the same price although I do prefer the quality of finish of the Madaz. But appearances aside, has anyone got any opinions regarding either of these? Any good/bad experiences with either?

  2. madaz

    I had a Madaz and found the quality and build excellent, good note too
  3. Madaz for quality. You've got a rare beast there. Make sure Mark sticks an extra seam on the welds for a V-twin (high back-pressure, I s'pose).
    I sorta forced him into making a single-can sytem (OEM was 2into1into2) for the Pegaso 650 single some years back, she split the seams on the pipes 3 times on various rides (once in Bicheno/ Tassie, where a guy repairing the fishing-boat-exhausts fixed it after 1 bottle of scotch, and chrict, did it show :LOL: :LOL: ).
    Abandoned the thing lateron, at 104db at 2000rpm it was just way too much, she was also throwing meter-long flames on overrun/ engine-braking and regularly farted loud enough to de-nude gum-trees.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Mate got a set of cans for his TDM850----sweeeet.
  4. I'm thinking of geting a custom end can for my custom headers on the CBR250RR... My bigest warry is some one might steel the headers design (I know I did) and mas produce them... I can just see my headers in a catalog...
  5. Yeah - NT650's aren't real common in this part of the world. Had been farting around for months thinking about a whole range of different bikes - including the Pegaso - but found this baby a few weeks ago at a car/bike dealer in Mt Gambier and bought it sight unseen. Am really pleased with it - might not be the fastest kid on the block on the straights but is a blast to ride round the twisties and for a 1989 bike with only 11500 genuine clicks (still had the factory front rubber on it which had all the response of a piece of mallee root!) is like new.

    I'll make sure I talk to Mark about the seams.
  6. hi journeyman
    I run a Madaz exhaust on my Triumph TT600, and it is brilliant!!!
    Not only from the point of view of finish, but from the points of sound and performance!
    Make sure you get the bike "re-chipped" and/or "re-tuned" to suit any aftermarket performance exhaust though, otherwise you may never get full benefit
  7. i hope the megacycle pipes arent too bad cause i ordered one. Purely cause the body size is the same as the standard which i like. well i guess i will have to wait and see now. :?
  8. I've had Megacycle on three bikes now two rusted out and the third trashed my low and mid range power.
    Having said that i will never touch another Megacycle system.
  9. Well i got a call from megacycle today saying they had a muffler for my 12. After reading the negatives regarding the product i went out to see ken not knowing what i was going to be in for. All i can say is the pipe looks awesome, sounds awesome, and from the feel has probably picked up a little more low end power. I will go and get it dyno tuned to be sure. I reckon at $475 i am the definately the winner here.