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Madass125 for beginner??

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by WaiNLyn, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    i only just got my Ls. Just wanted to get people's advice, is the madass125 a good beginner scooter? or is it better to get something with a bigger frame, heavier body etc etc.
    I'm also only 163cm tall...
  2. Are you after a scooter or a motorcycle? The Madass is more of a bike, I would have thought.... (which is a step in the right direction :p)

    For a better answer, you may find stating what you want to do with it, where and when you'll ride, how much riding you'll be doing, if you have luggage needs, etc etc.

    Explain the need, then people can suggest an appropriate machine for you. Simple :)
  3. well to be honest, i saw it at my car mechanics place and thought it was cool :)

    i just need something that will get me familiar with being on the road (get used to the idea i'm not in a car anymore).
    Also probably something that i won't be travelling far... home to city and around the suburbs.....

    i thought the madass woud be good to start cos its a scooter.. (zippy and light) but manual which would give me the experience for when i upgrade to a bike bike...
  4. I guess it's a case of 'what's in a name', but the MadAss really is a motorcycle rather than a scooter.

    They're a pretty decent looking thing (I like them anyway) and moderately comfy. I sat on one with my wife a couple of years back at the Melb Bike Show, just for a laugh, but was surprised as they're honestly not bad at all.

    Certainly, they'd be a cheap way to get into riding, with New being under $3k and Used going for $1.5k to $2k. Cheap on fuel.

    125cc means they're pretty light on power, but if you're commuting rather than hitting the hills and country roads for a bit of a blat, it'll be enough. Just.
    I find 250cc motorcycles to be a hoot in traffic, although I end up wringing their necks at times when urging them to respond in the way I like, so 125cc will definitely not work for spirited riding. They're apparrently a lot of fun to ride though, but you'd probably do well to seek out previous owners to find out their experiences. I'm sure NR would have a handful of people with ownership experience.

    Would probably pay to find out about them in terms of reliability - the good news is they'd be a cinch to work on, with not much that can really go wrong. Standard story, hopefully, of just keeping the oil & filter changed as regularly as required, air filter cleaned, lube the moving parts and keep the chain in good nick... I expect it'd just keep on trucking, just like the CT110 :)

    It probably fits the needs of someone just like you, by the sound of it. Heck, I wouldn't mind one myself, just for the novelty and fun of it!
  5. I have owned one since the start of the year and have had a blast riding it. I use it for a commuter and also for recreational riding and it has never missed a beat.

    In fact (bit of self promotion) I am selling my 'done-up' Madass at the moment as, despite it being a fun and very easy to maintain bike, I am planning on moving onto bigger and better things. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=67269

    They are very easy to ride and learn on with fuel economy that gets approximately 100km to 3 litres.
  6. looks cool!! alas you're in melbourne :(
  7. If you buy it, I'll put it on my gear rack and bike it north for you :)
  8. thats the perfect excuse for a weekend away with you and the maddass. would take a weekend to get back to sydney on that as well.
  9. Haha as much as I really enjoy riding it I wouldn't wish a day tour on anyone. The vibrations from a 150cc single for an hour or two is not a problem. 6 hours straight and the spine starts to fuse :LOL:
  10. Haha not to mention i'm EXTREMELY new on the bike :p
  11. haha is it THAT small?
  12. I'd recommend taking a test ride. The bike is great, but I find the riding position a little too high (I'm only 170cm tall)

    Mind you I'm used to riding cruisers ;)
  13. I've had one of these for about a year now :)

    Basically used for Daily commuting to work (about 15kms) and to kick around.

    Recently I've also applied the OORacing mods with the Carbi, Air filter, CDI and smaller rear sprocket and found that it does go a lot better.

    Not disappointed by any means.

  14. By the way dude, what'd you do with you the breather that comes from the bottom of the crankcase that would normally feed into the air filter?Putting a pod air filter means you can't do that and the breather is loud as hell!

    What'd you end up doing to it?
  15. Soft! :grin:
  16. We'll trade bikes and do the Vanilla Ride next time. See who's laughing then :LOL:
  17. What's a vanilla ride?

    Too bad you're in melbourne :p i'd buy your madass :p
  18. You're on mate :LOL:
  19. The Vanilla Ride was a social ride that went from Melbourne to Woodend, Woodend to Daylesford then back to Melbourne approx 250km.

    Flights from Sydney to Melbourne are cheap right now :LOL:
  20. :) That's true but how would I get it back to sydney? i'm only oh so new on the bike :)