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Madass 50

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmwt, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. This bike has taken my interest.

    Is it possible that this is classified as a scooter in Queensland so that you don't need to get your full licence being 50cc??

    I am interested in getting my licence but I would like to get some more practice and this could be the bike for it.

    Most reviews I have read are saying that they are underpowered which will be good for me. Only will be used for general buzzing around town. My other option if I don't get this is to get a scooter anyway.

  2. If you don't want to go over 45 they are great. Unless you live in the middle of the city get the 125 they are the fun ones.
  3. I had a manual 50 in NZ. I m 125kgs, and she got around ok, maxing out at 50. Decent acceleration, fun little bike. I 'derestricted' it, got an extra couple of km out of top end. I couldn't ride it in winter though, felt like a dick getting geared up.
  4. lol.

    Yeah the 125's look like a blast.
  5. I'd LOVE a madass 125...
  6. I had one of the 125s last year (as my commuter). The main issue with it is that I kept crashing it as I was just riding it too fast and too on the edge for that little thing.

    I crashed it when I was trying to see how far I could scrape the peg on a roundabout. I got a couple of metres and the brake dug in.

    Then I used to lanesplit like a maniac into too small gaps and eventually I hit the wall in the domain tunnel and smashed the whole clutch lever off.

    I had to sell it as I couldn't see myself slowing down on it. The DR650 is faster in theory but harder to throw around so you don't lanesplit like an idiot on it as much.
  7. 125 sounds like a good bike but what about the 50 for us babies??
  8. heh, yeah I could see that happening to me too Vertical.
    I drive way faster and more recklessly on my little vtr250 then I would on a larger bike, its just so easy to throw around...
  9. I recon having one of those would be awesome. Go for it. The 50cc is an auto isn't it?!
  10. Yeah it is. More like a scooter than a bike in some regards.
  11. The OP wants to ride it on a QLD car licence so they couldn't ride it if it was a manual anyway.

    Maybe get one secondhand with low kms, if you find its not fast enough sell it on for not much loss.
  12. Any other good site besides eBay and bikpoint?
  13. Trading post and gumtree
  14. cheers. they seem pretty good as well.

    seems to be alot of 125s for sale and not many 50s at all :(