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Madass 125 leaking oil!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by teamhamsandwich, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Currently at Cradle Mountain and my mates madass has decided it wants to start leaking oil. Its coming out of the small cover on the right hand side of the bike. This is taken off to uncover the outside of the clutch. The oil is coming out of the seal into the engine. Anyone encountered this before? Also worst case scenario is to use the remaining oil we have to gun it to the nearest main town, will 20/50 weight oil be ok to use in the madass engine?

    Sorry about rambling. I just dont wanna be stuck here in the middle of freezing tassie for another night!!!

    Thanks all,


  2. tighten the cover
    check the oil level
    top up if neccessary
    pull your pants up
    say no to drugs from now on
    be kind to your mother
  3. If you ae able to wait for 4 weeks, we can swing past on the way to Mole Creek and give you a hand ;)
  4. I know it's waaaay to late, you've either starved to death or sorted the problem by now, but either your mate's adjusted his chain too tightly or hit a decent hole/obstacle which causes the seal inside where you describe to crap itself. Fill her up with oil and ride to somewhere you can get it fixed.
  5. AJ66, it's the thought that counts. :)
  6. nah, i reckon he's still there and finally ready to leave now that he's got a reply
  7. Hi There,

    I think you have solved a problem I have had since my bike went for service. It came back with an oil leak out the clutch arm and when I queried it with the mech, he said he didn't touch it and its a huge mission to pull that whole thing apart (I guess he didn't want to do the work). However, he did tell me he tightened up the chain and that is when my problems started!!! SO now at least I know the cause.

    My question is then, is it very difficult to change the seal?

    And -should there be no oil in the area behind the clutch cover plate when I remove it?

    Many thanks
  8. Dunno how the drive chain tension can affect the clutch seal - they're on opposite sides of the engine.

    The seal that's leaking is behind the clutch actuating mechanism. Over time, the seal can slowly work its way out of its housing (because friction against rod pulls it out), allowing engine oil to seep out. The seal's still there, sitting on the rod - it just isn't seated in the engine case.

    The seal presses in from the outside, so there's no need to open the engine to fix this.

    Take off the clutch cover on the right side of the motor. Behind it you'll find a lock nut that sets the clutch throw. Slack off the nut and loosen the clutch adjusting screw, counting the number of turns so you can set it back in the correct place. Next you need to take off an M6 phillips head screw to release the pressure plate.

    Now you'll see the seal, sitting proud of its housing, on the rod. If you're really keen, gently pull it out, clean it and the engine housing, smear some gasket goo into the seal seat and press it back into place. I usually just pressed it in and waited for it to happen again in a few month's time.

    Load the following page and look at diagram E6 (its a Lifan, but i think they're the same design):


    You'll be removing parts 17, 18, 16, 11, 10 and 9. The seal you'll be re-seating is part 12.

    Bob your mother's brother.
  9. Thanks Chairman - I will give that a try tonight - appreciate the feedback!

  10. Thanks Chairman - you were spot on - tried it last night and no leaks this morning (well, one small drop but I think it was the residual oil I could not clean).

    Incidentally, I was unable to loosen the M6 Phillips head screw (did not have a big enough screw driver) and I was scared i would strip it. Yet, with the other screw and lock nut removed, I was able to push the seal in behind it with a small screw driver.

    Many many thanks for all your help.

  11. Glad to be of assistance. Doesn't fixing it yourself feel good?

    What a cock. You'll find my opinions on lazy mechanics elsewhere on Netrider. It would have taken yours 2 minutes to work this out if he'd bothered to look. Find a new mechanic. One that knows motorcycles would be handy.

    I'm just sorry I spotted this thread too late to help teamhamsandwich - Cradle Mountain would be a bloody cold place to get stuck.
  12. Thanks Chairman - no oil leaks at all today.

    Great advice.


    PS - yep - love doing my own repairs...
  13. Thank you from Miami, FL - 5 years later! Quick 10 minute fix...probably saved me $100+