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Mad Scooter girls.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Drew, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. 1:00 today

    Ferrars Rd and Part St intersection south melbourne... I was cut off in the car by a scooter running a red light.

    Whats more she had it in Mono mode... yep... about 70ks plaus on one wheel through a busy itersection.. wearing knee high boots/skirt and a singlet top!!!

    when will they learn??

    If i'd been a bit slower on the brakes id have a scooter as a new bonnet badge for the Corolla!!

    5 miutes later though saw another scooter. This guy had sence.... full face helmet, dririder jacket and pants and Alpinestar boots, and gloves.

    So its not all scooter riders... just the mad ones with death wishes!!!
  2. EEEK, sounds pretty dangerous. I think scooter riders should have to do a course aswell, maybe it will make them think about the risks a bit more.

    They zoom in and out of traffic and they are so vunrable,more than motorcyclists because they are so small.

    Not all scooter riders are bad though.
  3. I saw a really funny sight outside the Jam factory yesterday... this chick ... or i guess it could have been a guy :LOL:
    full gear (dririder jacket and draggins), full face helmet, on a scooter... with open toed high heels rofl
  4. she sounds damn hot.
  5. A girl doing a mono on a scooter through a red light???

    Sounds like she didn't have control to me!
    I don't think I've ever seen a girl scooter hoon before.
  6. Dude... A mono on a scooter, no control? She was a genius :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I feel mildly aroused :)
  8. either way... she's nuts to get on one with what she was wearing!!!

    the guy i saw later fas fine though... nothing wrong with his appearance... he even got a way from a passing courier bike (well from the rider)
  9. She's have frozen to death in two blocks if she'd have done that today in Wollongong/Sydney; it's about 11 degrees here with intermittent showers.....:LOL:
  10. well over 20 here in melbourne!

    I just pray im never that stupid when i finally get a bike.... not that i thinki will be with erverything ive got to consider Bloody legs.....grrr
  11. Or had way too much heavy crap in the topbox.......
  12. monoing scootergirl

    SO COOL! 8) :p
    I too aspire to mono a scooter-as soon as I can get one.
  13. I think I'm in love. Did you get her rego?
  14. what are you guys and gals talking about here in sydney i always see chicks on the sport bikes or scooters riding with no gear and impatiently revving there motors at lights etc.... while most guys ride around i little more dosile.

    any ways my two c's
  15. i saw mad scooter girls today!
    they were wearing very little clothing, really quite hot and were trying to flog me some shitty scooter which they knew nothing about :twisted: did i mention they were hot looking? :D
  16. oh my God!

    she was doing a mono, she wasn't wearing protective cloathing and she ran a red light..

    Someone shoot her, she doesn't deserve to live..

    Your one boring bastard if you remember that so well and then decide is so important that you need to tell the rest of us.
    PM me your phone number and i'll find you something more constructive to do with your time.
  17. Its netrider man what do you expect? :LOL: :LOL:
  18. you guys are too blunt^^^

    i at least tried to be subtle :shock: i mean i really did see mad scooter girls! they looked mad :D although it is kinda sad that apparently good looking girls arent trying to protect their bodies. its not only their loss! :shock: :cry: :cry:
  19. If someone's post/thread bores you, pretend you didn't see it and move on.

    Your post has even less relevance to anything than the thread upon which you commented, see??
  20. lol,its my forte,straight to the point :wink: if they've got it they should flaunt it 8)