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Mad RC8 vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Gixxa Freddy, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. #1 Gixxa Freddy, Feb 3, 2008
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    I'm thinking about cheating on my beloved Suzuki with this bad girl :LOL:


    Sorry if this has been posted before but it's worth another watch if it has. How :censored: mad is the new KTM RC8. [-o< I want one. [-o< :deal:
  2. Deposit goes down end of this month.
  3. Still got the problem of being poor to get past otherwise I'd be the first in line to get one. :LOL: Orange just happens to be my favourite colour on a bike. :cool:

    Back to the vid, those power slides are cool :cool:
  4. are they going to be racing these in superbikes ?

    beutiful bike :twisted:
  5. If you click on the link and then look at related vids there is the unveiling of the Superstock bike. This year thay are racing in World Superstock and they plan to go World Superbike sooner or later. I'd expect a full on push to start later this year to be in Suers 08-09. Sure would be good to see even more manufacturers getting into World Superbikes. :cool:
  6. they are nice, and look sweet with the buellesque underslung silencer!
  7. They're a very progressive company. Looking forward to even more bikes from them.
  8. wow looks nice, nice to see more companies entering difernt/new markets.

    Cheers :cool:
  9. *drool* those things are awesome!

    Still trying to find anything about the price?
  10. They are competing in the same space as the 1098. I would guess around the $28,000 mark.
  11. its the only non italian V twin sports available soon. i would give my left testicle for one.
  12. i thought they were developing a two smoke 250 road bike for sale to? or was i dreaming [-o<
  14. $28k, really?

    The 950SM with the same base RC8 motor and top notch componentry is $16 or so isn't it?

    2 smokes should be coming, and ktm are the one's to do it. They've continued making 2smokes in the MX bikes while other companies have abandoned them, and rule changes penciled in for MX and SX (2 stroke only for juniors + no displacement penalty for 2stroke) coupled with an emergence of emissions compliant 2 strokes should see them back in a big way! :D
  15. I am putting a deposit down on one of these. And that is the estimated on road. In the UK it is already priced at

    Equates to $24,000 so with margin difference between Uk and Aus (bike volumes and shipping distance), on roads and insurance for 12 months, 28k is about right (on road).

    Its aimed at competing against the 1098s
  16. Fair enough, that's a lot of coin.
  17. :censored: it, thats completely ended my dreams of having one. I gotta get finance just to buy a can of coke. :LOL: Looks like I'm off to the lotto joint to get a ticket.