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Mad Max: Fury Road

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ned, May 17, 2015.

  1. It's been a long time coming, and from what I read/hear, it's getting good reviews. I've heard of people rushing out to see the other 3 movies so they can get up to speed with what's going on, but the write-ups say that's not necessary.

    We made and hooned around in buggies when we were younger, but I want one of these!!
    fury - Copy.
    So has anyone seen Mad Max: Fury Road, what did you think, is it just a 2 hour car chase with heaps of carnage? Seeing I have free tickets and haven't been inside a cinema for over a year or so, I might just get along and see it. Your thoughts??

  2. Watched it last night, yes it is a 2hr car chase with very little story line totally focused on the journey, loved it.
  3. Go see it Ned, how can a bit of gratuitous carnage be a bad thing ?
  4. I've heard it described as 'feminist propaganda' with Charlize's character telling our boy Max what to do!

    To those that have seen it; is Tom Hardy a convincing Max? I'm kinda out off it without our crazy Mel
  5. Yeah I heard it has girls in it. Ew.
  6. I've heard it coined as one of the best modern Action films.
    Time will tell.
  7. The original bad guy is the new bad guy :)

    Hugh Keays-Byrne AKA ToeCutter
  8. Ah I think I saw the original at the Dundas drive in...why why do we need to do this to an oldie but a goodie...
    Just as long as they don't wheel (literally) Tina Turner out...:)
  9. Yeah, nothin' wrong with a bit of carnage, let's see how it goes at the box office.

    Ah yes, the original...

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  10. I heard tell on some other website of part of an early scene in the compound that involves milking.

    It sounds like a classic troll post, but you never know.

    I visit many wonderful places on the Internet.
  11. I cant wait to se it :] Leigh Paatsch gave it 5 goals ( out of 5) on SEN the other day. He said whilst it is like one long car chase what a car chase it was and the stunts are simply amazing. Sets a new level for action movies.

    After seeing the amazing stunts in Fast and Furious 7 these must be good
  12. Difference is that Fast & Furious was mostly CGI, whereas most of the stunts in this are real.
  13. good is good
  14. Saw it at the drive-in last Sat night.

    Wasn't bad, but could have easily been a standalone movie without using Mad Max.

    Max would be lucky to say 10 words through the whole thing, it seems more focused on Furiosa.
  15. If you're watching any Mad Max movie for the dialogue I think you may have missed the point :D.
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  16. My point was the movie is more about the chick than it is about Max.

    Of course I'm not watching it for the dialogue.
    I'm a petrolhead and in that regard it didn't disappoint.