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News Mad Max: Fury Road – Press Launch Image Gallery

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, May 14, 2015.

  1. Thousands of people gathered at the Sydney Opera House on May 13 for the vehicle showcase of the incredible creations that feature in the new Mad Max Fury Road film.

    Evil henchman “Rictus Erectus” aka the 6′ 11″ Nathan Jones was on hand, happily posing for photos with his obviously many fans.
    The former powerlifting champion, professional wrestler, strongman and, at one stage early in his colourful life, Australia’s most wanted, also has starred in a string of films including Troy, Doom Runners, Fearless, Conan The Barbarian and Charlie’s Farm among others.

    P5130042-150x150. P5130045-150x150. P5130052-150x150.
    P5130060-150x150. P5130070-150x150. P5130075-150x150.
    P5130076-150x150. P5130078-150x150. P5130079-150x150.
    P5130091-150x150. P5130093-150x150. P5130098-150x150.
    P5130106-150x150. P5130107-150x150. P5130129-150x150.
    P5130134-150x150. P5130141-150x150. P5130143-150x150.
    P5130146-150x150. P5130152-150x150. P5130156-150x150.

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