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Mad Bikes And Englishmen

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by devnull, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. that guy aint having kids...
    crazy guys love it
  2. That was amazing.
    And the crash!! :shock: It was a huge drop over the other side...

    Are these the guys from "Fast Bikes"? Anyone got any of their other vids? I think I have one of a scooter race through traffic.
  3. yeah thats fast bikes mag video..... my god the boys have game but wtf is he doing if hed just come back from a broken back?
  4. "OK you've just had a big stack. You look pretty unsteady.

    Here: sit on the edge of this cliff..."
  5. He would have been ok, still had his protective gear on :grin: :grin:

    Nice footage tho
  6. Extremely lucky.
  7. In the first ten seconds you just KNEW how it was going to end.....
  8. To me, when the guy over-ran that right-hander to the point that he was on the wrong-side of the road for ages, it was a case of "Will this end with a fatality?". Then again, I guess it's not usually the done thing to publish videos of fatalities as they happen.
  9. Yep, Pulp Friction Part 1 :cool:
  10. Man, I was on the edge of my seat! lucky bugger! :shock:
  11. Silly bugger. :roll:
  12. Jeez that was a hard vid to watch! Didn't seem to end too badly, although maybe that's just because I can't relate to the injuries sustained. Looked fine to me :p
  13. Yeah, they'd pop back into place once he squeezed his throat...
  14. Tossers :roll:
  15. lucky they only hit each other, and some concrete, coulda been very nasty if they hit another road user.....

    crushed nuts?... hopefully stop the twit breeding more like him.

    give us all a bad name
  16. fcuk that was scary, and fcuk that would've hurt!
  17. fack off all ya old critical farts. That was by far one of the most admirable efforts at a video of this nature. Its the fact that it doesn't play like a video at all; you forget that you're watching a video. As if no one has experienced the same sort of thought process, where you come to a point where judgement gets so cloudy you start taking too many risks. To me, the video played like a oscar winning movie! The rivalry between the two fellas, the drama, the suspense, the action and a tragic, yet somewhat happy (lucky) ending.
  18. Hey, no-one's decrying their skills, and sure there's a lot that can be learned from the video; I would guess in part that's why it has been published. But riding like that on public roads is simply irresponsible and stupid; even riding at those speeds on a racetrack could still bring problems, since it was rider error that precipitated the accident.

    It also highlights the danger of riders 'egging each other on' in a ride situation, and the almost inevitable result; one or both is going to reach the limit of ability or tyres or road....
  19. That is the morally upright, politically correct response, yes :p

    Mind you, i totally agree with you and wasn't condoning such activities in general by less skilled riders - but - without such risky antics we wont have much entertainment on our comfy computer chairs will we :D

    To call them twits or tossers is stupid, if we could ride half as well then we may have half as much credibility lol; to live life without risks is the biggest risk to take.