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Mad As Hell - Unskilled P Platers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nathanh, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Almost saw a fellow motorcyclist wiped out today. His motorcycle was in the left lane and a P plater in the right lane decided he wanted to turn left, so at 60kph turned straight in front of the motorcyclist. The rider must have anticipated because he was emergency braking like a champ in mere milliseconds.

    I witnessed the incident and happened to be near where the P plater was pulling in to park. So I asked the dimwit P plater if he even saw the motorcyclist he nearly killed. He gave a smartarse reply but it was clear he never even saw the motorcycle. I walked away. I saw straight away that no amount of talking was going to help; he's not going to realise he's a danger on the road until he causes an accident.

    I swear drivers are getting worse and they are even less concerned about their lack of skill, even though I used to think it wasn't possible to scrape the bottom of the barrel any further.

    In hindsight, I should have gone back 15 minutes later and slashed his tyres. It would have been a justifiable road safety improvement.
  2. [​IMG]
    that is all
  3. :LOL: :LOL:

    Saved for future use!
  4. Mate. Well done on sticking up for a brother (or sister) but is it worth you getting into a possible road rage incident when the brother through experience and situational awareness decided it was unfortunately normal and rode on?
    People who commute see that sort of sh!t every day and P plate on the car means that the driver is invincible and everyone else has to keep out of their way. If you don't already ride with that thought in your mind you should. :wink:
  5. Slashing them would be the rewarding option. But likely outcome would be a formed hatred for riders, instead of the lesson learnt that you were going for.
  6. most of the fcukers hate us anyway jared. i rekon go to town on the fcukers car, especially for his smart arse attitude.
    i got ran off the road three times yesterday, at least they all had the heart to wave sorry.

  7. OP, where was this and post up the description of car and plate number.
  8. If you get run off the road three times in one day, YOU are doing something wrong.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. thanks for your imput andrew and i normally have high regard for what you say, but this time you can go and put your shoe in your mouth.
    so i guess when you get cut off its clearly your fault too?
    thought so....
  10. Its simple, driver training is grosely inadequate.

    All the "measures" that the RTA has implemented are things that they don't have to lift a finger or print up any new booklets for, the cops have to patrol and monitor the new reglations which are a fcuk ing joke in the first place.

    Until the driver training bar is lifted and lifted much much higher this will continue. drivers need to be taught how to CONTROL a car, not how to drive one. Understeer, oversteer, drift, what to do in a spin, and all that other shit that people who have a clue know about.

    And of course alertness of surroundings.
  11. i think u would be doing everyone a service if u posted the car make model and adress it pulled into.
  12. I ride my bike to work every single day for an hour round trip, and the things I watch out for the most are P platers in general, P platers in execls, and then Van drivers, taxi's, volvo's.

    Even today heading out to Eastern Creek I had to twist the throttle extremely hard to avoid being pushed into a guard rail by a van driver, and he had the hide to flash me with he's high beams!!! :evil:

    It is a regular thing in Sydney I think......
  13. well done for stopping to talk to the car driver! it's too bad when people just turn a blind eye to idiots - how will they know that they've done anything wrong if noone tells them? altho in this case, sounds like the guy won't know he's done wrong til he stacks sometime...
  14. The problem is that getting your car licence is often seen as the END result of the waiting game to get your licence. "hooray!, I made it! - I'm there!") And they drive with that same attitude - "I can drive - no more to do"

    Whereas most of us bike riders seem to appreciate that getting your licence is the BEGINNING of a long road to learning to ride properly, perfect your skill and roadcraft, and of surviving.

    If only drivers would apply that same mindset to their driving!
  15. How true!
  16. i dont like license test. on the test, they failed me with their dodgy cruiser. they asked me to do courses, etc etc.. then i proposed another chance, using my bike, with still some comments of i will drop my bike, they got tape for me, and more. well on test i revved her happily and passed :LOL:

    the good thing of bike test is they dont test the technique, while car license they ask for proper technique, e.g. both hand on wheel
  17. I had a simial incident with a Van on the M2. I was riding right next to his drivers side window when he decided he wanted to change into my lane. He didnt even look to see if there was anyone next to him, let alone a motorbike. I was beeping my horn furiously while merging into the bus lane to avoid getting hit and he kept looking into his rear vision mirror and kept merging not once looking to see if there was anyone beside him.
  18. As a grose generalisation yes.

    But i had this mindset long before i was on 2 wheels.
  19. I must say I'm always alert (more than usual) when a Commodore with a P plate on it comes into view. They seem to like changing lanes rapidly. It scares me :tantrum:
  20. yeah...it IS a generalization, but I don't think it is that far off the truth, Fluff.