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Macquarie Pass today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tc2233, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. #1 tc2233, Sep 11, 2011
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    Heading down mac pass today, taking it easy (thankfully), trying out the new contourHD, so caught it on vid. Probably not a big deal for many, but a small brown trouser moment for me.

    I'm sure the other rider is not on this forum but just in case....you're a douche!

    (vid removed)
  2. Damn man, good to see you got proof, never trust anyone on the road!
  3. What a dick.

    I hope he gets killed on his motorcycle, they are ****ing dangerous you know!
  4. Any price for a clean run up the hill, so it seems...
  5. All these heros come out to play on the weekend it seems...........should have seen Old Pac today. Mac Pass also has a large share of hero riders............
  6. looks like he got back in hes lane when he passed you.. even still, bit close for comfort and wonder what he woulda said if he hit you... something along the lines of "sorry mate, i didnt see you?"
  7. Did the person nod ?
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  8. Gees, too close for comfort if you ask me.

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  9. sadly this is par for the course among the sports-bike riders on the Pass on the weekend :(
  10. Classic
  11. Oh, just sports-bike riders?
  12. well, I ride the Pass on a daily basis and I've never seen a cruiser rider, or a trailbike rider or an adventurebike rider or a scooter rider, do that, maybe it is a bit of a sweeping statement but it's not far from the truth

    many, many sportsbike riders come from hundreds of kilometres away every weekend to ride the Pass, and sadly some DO give the rest of themselves, and riders in general, a bad name

    That said, I must admit, the last couple of riders who have killed themselves on the Pass have been locals :(
  13. Looked like a threw him a kiss :p
  14. A shame that people ride like that, not really much you can do about it. When you have ridden all the way down to the Pass and your keen for a great ride, a car going slowly in front of you can really bring the red mist down and make you do dumb shit.
    At least he didnt hit you.
  15. Hmm, I did think it looked like a chick....?
  16. Actually we might've nodded at each other :LOL: Him the sideways one as he was leaning back into his own lane, and me the up and down one as I was getting on the front brake.

    In the end a learning experience for me. Hopefully the other guy will have a think as well.
  17. Well he/she did take my breath away :D
  18. Yeah red mist………….sched list. Ive seen it plenty of times with people overtaking on unsafe blind corners. The way I looked at it, if you cant see far enough ahead (the length of your overtaking road) then you shouldn’t over take…………….A close call overtaking manoeuvre on your part might still cause an accident for the other rider who might be less experienced.

    If you want a clear road then either overtake cleanly and safely or stop at the side of the road and build up that buffer.
  19. i was on mac pass today... so many crazy riders on it today and its a monday... i was in a cage work ute..
  20. I can understand the annoyance at being stuck but this is a prime example of letting emotions get in your way. I felt similarly the weekend before last when I got caught behind a bus for most of the way down the pass. But it's vital to be able to put emotions to one side so they don't impinge on your ability to assess and manage risks when riding a motorcycle. Lets hope this close call was enough of a shock to make them really have a look at what they did wrong. Thanks for sharing it.